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Baldwin City, RWD No. 4 eye cheaper options for water

SpeaksSlowlytoidiots....you are a complete idiot....I am in no way associated with indasky. As indasky stated in the post you have linked, his info was from a post from "brandon" from back in 2008. At that time all the information was correct because it came directly from the officials at the local governments contacted and city code. As I state above the cost are from previous years. Any person with common sense would come to the conlclusion that all those prices would have increased somewhat, but stayed proportionately the same for the most part. So save yourself some trouble and get your facts straight and follow the original link:


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Baldwin City, RWD No. 4 eye cheaper options for water

Glad to see the city council standing up to Lawrence, but let us not forget. I agree that a rate of return of 8-10% on water is extremely ridiculous, but I can only imagine what Baldwin's rate of return is. Here is some data from a previous post (the wholesale costs were from '07 or 08' though)

1.Baldwin purchases water from Lawrence, which charges $2.80/1,000 gallons.

2.Lawrence residents pay $2.92/1,000 gallons or .00292/gallon. I believe the base is $2.65

3.Baldwin residents pay $9.621/1,000 gallons or .00962/gallon. Base fee of $6.50.

1.Wellsville gets their water from us(baldwin), or essentially Lawrence.
-by code Baldwin charges them $2.80/1,000 gallons for water, the same price Lawrence charges us.

-Wellsville residents pay $4.88/1,000 gallons or .00488/gallon. Base fee of $6.42.

1.My water bill in Lawrence would be $42.18 and $60.57 in wellsville.

2.I know baldwin charges by the cubic foot, but i converted it to gallons so it could be compared to Wellsville and Lawrence. 1 cubic foot=7.48 gallons

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new resturant in Baldwin

You could put all the bad experiences posted together and it would still not be as bad as Hickory Creek's service. I have been there numerous times (each time thinking it has to have gotten better) and have never had a good experience. Don't get me wrong, the food is normally fantastic (if there is any left), but one person can not work the bar, wait tables, serve food, and work the register. No wonder it is for sale.

Ate at the apron once and thought it was great other than I could have used a few more french fries with my sandwich.

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Keep an eye on your cats!!

Here's an idea.....keep your cats in YOUR house!!!! I've got dogs that occasionally run off and go into the neighbor's yard or into the street, but I won't blame my neighbor's if they get hit or hurt because it is MY responsibility to take care of them. And if they want to run off, then don't come back for food.

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Students, staff happy to be back in school; enrollment down slightly

notwhatyouthink...did you forget? They didn't design the new PC to hold more students (ex. kids from Marion Springs and Vinland) than currently attending there. Why would you build a new school that would hold more kids than the current one? That would just make too much sense.

Like you said though....close MS and Vinland and the majority of the budget problems would probably be non-existant. No, I don't care about the blah, blah, blah, blahbady blah, excellent education they get out their with the 1:2 teacher student ratio. It costs too much and is inefficient to keep those schools open. The majority of disricts in this state have been consolidating for the past ten years. It's time we get with the program!

My mother taught at a school for 17 years and then they decided to quit using the building because it was delapidated. Everyone in the two towns that went there threw a kanipsit fit for a year. They (she was one of them, as well as I) petitioned, and they kept the school open for another year, but only had two classes there. That was over 7 years ago, now they are fixing it up for apartments. Point being, in the end, the building was closed and it consolidated with the neighboring town. The district did what they had to do, not what they wanted to do.

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Sales tax still at issue for city council

Hey citizens...we got the pool paid off early...too bad we haven't figured out how to properly clean, maintain, or run it yet! What a friggin joke!

Don't forget...school starts at 8:00am sharp....or at least that's when the students can go to the classroom and the teachers are suppose to arrive. How the heck does school start at 8:00 if the kids can't go to the classroom until exactly 8:00 and the teachers aren't "required" to be there until 8:00. Sounds like school is from 8:15-3:00 to me.

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City mill levy to go down slightly, but electric rates could soar

Are we going to keep paying for Wellsville's residents water also, or we going to raise their contracted rate to offset our costs????????????? WAFJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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high speed internet alternative to mediacrap?

don't get me started on the cost of water......"2-3" months, more like 2-3 years they have been telling us we are getting HD. RIDICULOUS!

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8th & Ames

I've always wondered the same thing. I believe the reason they bus all the kids from firetree is because there is no safe way to cross the highway, but I could be wrong. I say install an overhead walkway or at minumum a crosswalk with a signal and center median barrier. Then stop bussing all the kids, it's less than a ten minute walk to school.

On another note....all of the crossings definately need to be repainted.

On a even another note....as a motorists you have to stop when someone is entering the crosswalk.

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BHS baseball games moved to Anderson County

On a well maintained field you should be able to play on it within a couple hours, or less, of several inches of rain. Can't wait till the new one are built.

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