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School board votes to cut administrative costs, give non-renewal notice to seven teachers

The dumbed-down and chickenhearted majority of Kansans bankrupted themselves and the entire nation by voting for that wolf-in-sheep's-clothing, Bush. They are getting what they deserve, it seems to me. When one acts like a peasant, one will be treated as a peasant. Here is a little pome: "Everybody knows that the dice are loaded./ Everybody throws with their fingers crossed./ Everybody knows that the war is over./ Everybody knows that the good guys lost../ Everybody knows that the game was fixed./ The poor stay poor and the rich get rich./ That's how it goes, everybody knows." There is a time for violence against the greedy rich. Jesus beat the hell out of a bunch of moneylenders. John Brown cut the throats of seven proslavery Freemasons. Their governments killed both Jesus and John, but you have to fight evil, or it will enslave you.

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New U.S. 59 won't impact historic 'Hole in the Rock'

When I was a kid living in Ottawa, an old Indian who lived in a stone house near where Tauy Creek flows behind Mears' Park would come by our house every Saturday morning riding his pony. I always waved at him and he would smile at me. The early white settlers of Douglas County, Kansas were kind to the Indians compared to the settlers of Douglas County, Oregon. According to a commentator in the appendix to "The Proceedings of the 1859 Oregon Territorial Convention," the main reason the early settlers wanted Oregon to become a state was so they could be reimbursed for the thousands of Indian scalps they had collected. Oregon was founded by people with pretty much the same character and world view as the pro-slavery, white supremacists. When fearless men like John Brown scared those thugs out of Kansas, many of them went to Southern Oregon where the majority of their descendents remain mostly ignorant and vile to this day. It is true that the acorn does not fall far from the tree.

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VES parents storm board meeting for McCune

Kids are better off if they skip school in America. Almost the only things that are allowed to be taught in this country are propaganda and lies, and total ignorance infinitely excells false knowledge. One's education these days will make little difference anyway; because, soon, America will be nuked and invaded. The stench from rotted American citizens will imbue everything for years to come. The wrath of God is a good thing--don't knock it. The American people's best bet is to pray for God to destroy America; for, unlike the American CIA, God is not a torturer. God burns souls faster than the speed of light. Zip!-- and you are done for!

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April 7, 2009 Election

Only about one out of ten humans can read and think effectively. This is why Plato said that democracy is the worst form of government. Freemasons control nearly every local government in America. These Masons have about the same principles and values as the old Ku Klux Klan. Nearly every judge, cop and lawyer in the USA is a member of this Satanic, secret organization. As America continues its downhill slide into the pit of misery and degradation these devils will become more and more prosperous. " Woe unto you, you lawyers!" When Jesus returns, he will burn their evil souls. God is great, and God is good.

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With no other choice, one must adapt...

Nancrisp asks, "How are these criminals different than any one else who gets arrested?" Governments rule by fear. That is why all governments, everywhere, in all times and in all places have used torture to control their people. The Bush administration was controlled in part by the Neo-Platonic philosophy of Professor Leo Strauss coming out of the University of Chicago--home of the H-Bomb. Interestingly, Obama also taught at the University of Chicago. Now, Strauss was a Zionist Jew who believed (with Plato) that ends justified means, and that his people--the Jewish people--are destined to rule the earth. The Jews have been ruthless against their enemies from the beginning. (Read the Old Testament as a history book for details on the atrocities of the Jews.) Anyway, to make a long story short, Dick Cheney followed the torture tactics developed by the Zionist Jew, Allen Dershowitz, and used these Jewish torture methods on his prisoners. Anyone with common sense knows that after you torture a person you have either got to kill him or lock him up, for he will surely try to kill you if he has a chance. This is part of the reason why the prisoners we are stuck with now are different. "How we hate those whom we have injured." Ralpho

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Baldwin City police arrest El Dorado couple on drug, endangerment charges

Think people. Can you? This was an illegal search and seizure. Who tells a cop to look in the console when there are illegal drugs, there? Mike McKenna sounds like a damned piece of poop from Satan's hiney--an obsequious, crooked piece of crap. Ralpho

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With no other choice, one must adapt...

Obama cannot save America. Obama is a product of a vicious American political culture that has been cursed beyond redemption by a million mothers and fathers. Watch and see how America continues its fall into a fourth-world nation and becomes a laughingstock to all mankind. After America is gone, future historians will attempt to discover the root causes for its demise. I believe these historians will find that it was the malignant American justice system that rotted, first; for, all over America, at this minute, most of the cops, lawyers and judges are liars, thieves and murderers. Ralpho

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Annual bird count shows declines

Woodpeckers are a big load of laffs. Have you ever seen one eat grapes? Did John Brockway find any birds? There was a John Brockway in my 9th grade gym class at Ottawa High School back around 1962. He was wiry fellow who could do more chin ups than just about anyone else. Zat you, John?

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New Douglas County commissioners take office

American government is now and always has been in the hands of an arrogant, unscrupulous and mendacious elite--an elite with a profound contempt for the rule of law, for morality, for ordinary people, and for veracity. Those whom God loves pray for the eternal death of America's soul.

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Carbondale man sentenced to five years in Internet sex solicitation case

The American Injustice System at work. God-damn these judges to Hell, Jesus.

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