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It's just a bit unsettling to have a hunter come up the side of the dam with his rifle as you walk your dog. There is shooting practice out there too. Not a problem with me as long as they know what they are doing. What are the consistent odds of that?

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Living in your home and living on community owned property are two different things. I am at the lake a lot. I canoe there, and hike there with my dogs. The hunters bother me more than homeless people. I pray none of us are ever in that situation. Apparently this is in your backyard ~ just guessing.

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My goodness. In this heat are you kidding me? I am wondering why anyone would begrudge homeless people living at the lake?

Run them off to where? We should be more concerned about them having food and water. I wonder where compassion is anymore?

Maybe I don't understand the place of fear some people have regarding those who live in poverty.

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Where's the city news?

I heard that someone from KC comes in several days a week to "edit" the paper. That is not the same as having someone there day to day who knows the town and has a feel for the folk. Time will tell but I don't have a good feel for this new arrangement.

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Ohhhh, Jeffy-Boy

Someone has been hired to come in twice a week from out of town to "edit" the paper. Whether it was a cost saving thing or not, we are not getting our local news anymore. Jimmy does a great job with sports, school updates and issues. He is not however our City Council guy and doesn't have his hand on the city like Jeff did. I surely hope we don't lose the paper but without the substance Jeff used to help provide it will decline. I don't want an editorial from someone who doesn't live here. Only someone who is in the office on a day to day will keep up with our little town. Corporate will regret this decision or maybe this is just their way to slowly bleed the paper dry.

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Where's the city news?

Jeff always gave us wonderful coverage of City Council. He was the soul of the paper. Jimmy is doing the best he can. I truly believe they are trying to run the paper into the ground. Nancy, you don't know how many hours Jeff put into the paper. I worked nearby and he was always available and didn't miss a City Council meeting. Restructing includes not filling the paper machines, not giving us the hometown coverage we deserve. You can't have someone being editor twice a week and get the same coverage we had. I totally disagree with you Nancy, Jeff was giving us the news we needed for this small town. It's very sad indeed. If I want big town news I read the LJW. But I only need to do that once a week. I loved reading the Signal and could count on Jeff to provide what we needed to know in our town.

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What's your favorite breakfast cereal?

Chocolate Cheerios and Chocolate Frosted Mini Wheats. Nothing like Chocolate for breakfast to start the day out right.

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