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School board closes rural elementary schools by 5-2 vote

Board Members Blaine Cone and Ruth Barkley I want to say thank you for your effort in trying to get the town to see what a big mistake they were making by closing down the two schools. AS FOR THE REST OF THE SCHOOL BOARD AND MR. DOROTHY YOU CAN ALL KISS MY RURAL ASS!!!!!

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save the schools

I do not have kids in ves so I guess you are not as smart as you think. Maybe the towns people are upset that the rural students have always out scored the town kids on many of the state test. You want to play stupid about the elementary kids, then go right ahead. I must have been one of those town kids when I went to school., Because if I was a country kid I would have been smart enough to know how narrow minded the people in this town really are. greyghost maybe now that you laughed your ass off you will be able to use your head.

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save the schools

If a four day school week was approved there are ways to keep the students engaged on that 5 day. They could offer drivers ed during the school week. have the class during the 4 days and the driving on the 5th maybe more students would sign up. work with Baker have the students do volunteer work for them they save money and the students get training. People just need to be willing to try new things

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save the schools

So you have to attack the spelling because you have no real answers to the problem at hand. Maybe if you could come up with an ideal on your own instead of proof reading blogs somebody might listen to what you have to say.

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save the schools

A four day school week would work if people were open-minded. The classes can run a little longer. Have the teacher work days and the callabration, the same days they teach. why have the school open on those days when the students are not there. I truly do not see a problem with trying it. I have yet to read anything eles that is going to help with the problem we are facing. That is it I know cut more teachers make class sizes way to big so the teachers that are lucky enough to have a job are so overloaded the kids suffer anyway.

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