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Christie files for Baldwin school board

common sense dont exist anymore ksrush. But if chad can vote to get rid opf bond then i would vote for him with you. we dont need anymore new school.

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Kansas texting law takes full effect Jan. 1

awesome post baldwindad and exactly right on target. This law is ensane, just like the stupid DUI laws that are so random. More government telling us what we can and cant do. I say get off my back and let us live free.

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Opportunity overlooked?

i say lets shut down city government and close schools. They cause more harm than good. Just lower my taxes, I cannot afford to live in this town any longer with all its taxes and bills to pay. Time to pull the plug on any and all services. Take back our city from the government socialites like jr and ksrush say. They are right. Listen to what they said.

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BESIC students help replenish Community Emergency Fund

One time event baldwin dad, it just says something when raising funds for the emergency fund is a news stroy. We need to lower taxes so we dont need this fund when people have a job.

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City council denies U.S. 56 property rezoning request

Good point. City councilmen think they are bnetter than planning comm since they got elected which is total joke since most people dont even vote. How does a minority get to be prez? majority doesnt vote, that is how

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Opportunity overlooked?

Never will happen ksrush. That money will stay in lawrence. And we need a community center like we need more sidwalks ...NOT. We have got to lower taxes in baldwin and that is the only thing to work to take back our city. No thing else.

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Christmas tree recycling site moved to U.S. 56 Highway

i dont see why we need to change where we drop off trees. The pool was best for most everybody I talk to. Another crazy decision by the socialist who run the city. I bet most people will just throw thier tree in the dump, i know i will to protest against city and Baker. why cant people think?

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atta boy Jr. and Tom

Ditto ksrush. Listen to Junior, he knows what makes Baldwin work and does not let new ideas confuse him. He makes more sense than other councilmen, including Bonnie.

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