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Study finds most Baldwin City streets in good shape

Maybe, but that's how it works. The cost is shared among the owners of the properties improved via special assessment.

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Study finds most Baldwin City streets in good shape

My guess is the council went for an independent analysis of the streets in order for the results to have some sort of credibility. If the same analysis were performed by city staff (who aren't licensed engineers), I think many people, perhaps even 1776attorney, would find just as much fault with the results, if not more.

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Baldwin City Council gives first approval to church conditional use permit

There was no benefit district created for the downtown sidewalk improvements. Those businesses are paying for the improvements, but so is everyone else in town.

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I've been wondering about this, too. I was optimistic when this group of investors took on the challenge, and even moreso when the building appeared to get fixed. I thought certainly the windows & storefronts would be next so it would at least get sealed up and start improving its general appearance. I don't doubt they are encountering delays if (as I've heard) the investors are waiting on a state agency to make a decision on funding assistance, but I certainly think it appropriate for the investors to give updates to the governing body, and thereby the public, considering the interest the city expressed in the reclamation of this property when city funds (I think $25K, not $15K as mentioned above) were advanced to help fund the emergency repairs.

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Can't argue with that.

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That black Ford pu belongs to the police chief.

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BCPD using an employee's personal (4x4) vehicle b/c the patrol cars couldn't handle the weather... http://signal.baldwincity.com/photos/...

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