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New restaurant?

I personally love Walt's pizza, but I usually ordered carry-out, not dine in.

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BHS finishes fourth in all-sports standings

If Gardner is leaving, is the frontier league picking up another team?

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County, city staffs to address U.S. 56/Lawrence St. intersection

We all have to remember there are sight-distance concerns. There have been bad accidents at that intersection in the past because of that. Multiply the morning rush traffic times 50 or 100 when the new school is built and there will be major issues. A 4-way stop would be great.

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Who voted for the School Bond

The State income tax is just a drop in the bucket. We have to factor in Federal income tax, FICA/Medicare tax, sales tax, real estate tax on our homes, personal property tax on vehicles, cell phone taxes, gas tax, etc etc etc.............. I would say the 40-50% level is realistic. That hurts.

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House votes for 2.75 percent across-the-board state budget cut; bill goes to Gov. Parkinson

Tony - I am glad the cuts were limited to 2.75%, but I know this won't solve the deficit completely. I read an article that there is a proposal for Kansas to de-couple its tax laws from the federal tax laws and the targets seem to be hitting those hurt by the recession the hardest.

The proposal mentions taxing $2,400 in unemployment benefits recently exempted from federal tax. It also mentions disallowing the 50% bonus depreciation which would affect many small business owners. Also mentioned were reduced earned income credit and taxing discharge of indebtedness not previously subject to tax.

Has this proposal been shot down? Let's raise the rates at the top of the scale instead of kicking the taxpayers who are already down.

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BESIC principal job draws 61 applicants

Warning - bloggy is hi-jacking the "post-a-comment" threads again. Post at your own risk.

Hopefully, if one of the other principals in the district applies for and gets hired for this, the possibility of consolidation of duties still exists.

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BESIC principal job draws 61 applicants

So much for consolidating some of the administrative positions to absorb some of the budget shortage. Oh well, we'll just cut teachers, programs, busing, lunches, ... instead.

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School bond bids come in lower than expected

I, for one, am thrilled about the new ballparks. Our great town has been getting by with the old, poorly planned, makeshift fields for 25+ years. Let's quit complaining and get excited. Hopefully roads, sidewalks and parking will be in the "phase 2" plan.

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Looks like there's some truth to the rumor...

Torch - get back on the meds. You are seriously deranged and confused.

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City council, school district discuss streets to new BESPC

I seems to me that DLR dropped the ball when they drew up plans for ball fields with no street access, not consulting coaches on what is needed, and no parking lots. Now everyone is scrambling around trying to figure out how to get it done right.

It also seems to me that Elm Street has been in need of the extension since the IC was built. Kids that walk home or ride bikes home from school should have streets and sidewalks to use. Don't tell me the City didn't know or anticipate this.

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