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Don't worry about crime.. Ha! In the past 10 years crime has went up big time. It's to the point I fear to leave my house to go to work. Baldwin has went down the hole. As far as tornado's go, they took the siren in my part of town out 5 or 6 years ago. So we been on our own for years. We needed new leadership in this town for years.

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I am with Grayghost. It's save me $5 buck not getting a sticker from the city for pick up.

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Utility bills

I think we should have a payment plan. Like other cities have. This would help with the high cost we have in June July & Aug.

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Because of the rates, I am going Solar and wind power.

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Bond Issue - USD 348

With the cost of gasoline up, food going up, water, natural gas up, and electricity the highest in the state (maybe highest in the U.S.A.) and just about everything you buy going up too. Add to that more and more people being laid off. This is not a good time to send our taxes up too. USD438 just need to bite the bullet and get by with what they have.

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Water cost?

It is up to Bill Wineger to test the fire hydrant's, so I would guess more houses could burn down.

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Protester takes stand in manhole

Yes it time for Bill Winegar to go.

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PETITION to return Speakout FORUM

I am with you on this.
Bring back the old Forum
Fix the new Forum
Finish the missing pages of the New Forum
Bring back the archives of the old Forum

Do something

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Just wondering

Thery are thinking about it and have been thinking about it for the last 10 years. So don't count on it.

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Election '08

Not greyghost that for sure.

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