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City to present Baldwin school district with SRO proposal

We haven't had one in four years and we have done just fine. Stop wasting our money on things we don't need and lower our tax burden.

Baldwin already has enough cops. Don't we have 8 and 2 part time. One is the Chief who just does desk work. Really for 7 on the street we need one who just does desk work?

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El Patron to open in downtown Baldwin City within days

I'll give it try, but I will take a good dose of penicillin with it.

Both El Mezcals continue to have critical violaltions for dangerous food and sanitary conditions.

How many times can you have same violations even on followup inspections and not be charged or closed down?

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Maple leaf statues to adorn downtown

I see a lot of wasted money. How many sidewalk or street repairs could be bought with $10,000? Putting all this fancy window decorations up won't bring anyone to live here when the rest of the house needs remodeled.

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Baldwin district considering technology fee with iPad introduction

That is great so since I am paying for it, it should be mine, but it won't. I agree with if you break it you buy it but to make someone pay for insurance up front is like making you buy health insurance, Wait where I have heard that before.

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Baldwin district considering technology fee with iPad introduction

Oh and we have not been asked to any meeting. How about setting a date before eveyone makes vaction plans ect. Or you could just wait until the week before and anounce it. No one will show up to complain.

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Baldwin district considering technology fee with iPad introduction

No kidding. This just never ends. They want more and more. We already pay $80 for books each year. Is that going to be reduced since all the books will be on the Ipad? I don't think so.

And no they did not consider any other E reader. This district thinks apple is the greatest and only computer on the earth, yet no large company uses it. We have a the first Nook Color that came out and it is still great. I watch netflix on it, get on the ineternet, etc. You can type papers on it, what ever you want. This district is a joke.

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Kansas Belle on track

More than funny since Terry Lois Gregory authored the bill to allow the train to move to Kansas. I wonder if she had a part in landing the grant too? I think the ethics board needs to look into this one.

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Council seeks grant for trail

55,000 in tax payer money for some trail, but you can't pave my gravel street? There are at least 10 people walking my street every night as you say on a road that is only 20 feet wide an gravel.

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Fire destroys downtown Baldwin City home

$150,000 ? I don't think so. That house sold for about $60,000 because it was gutted inside. I going to guess it was something from the work they were doing.

It's not like they were really fixing it up anyway.

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Baldwin school board sells closed Marion Springs Elementary

The average price of an acre of land in Douglas County goes for $10,000. If it included 8 acres those guys got a steal.

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