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Morning walk

There is another family that lives on the railroad right away. They run down to 11th street every night.

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Study finds most Baldwin City streets in good shape

I have to agree partly with this thought. This paragraph says it all

'The council also approved a $121,880 contract with Killough Construction for this year’s asphalt resurfacing work. The company is to mill and overlay Firetree Avenue, Flame Way and Blaze Boulevard. Overlay only is planned for Quayle, Eisenhower and Washington streets.'

Why would one spend money on Firetree, Flame Way and Blaze when we have streets to the south that are older and were not overlaid long before those streets were built?

Demon you mention 11th street sidewalks. Well the city just spent a lot of money to replace the sewer line under that street but even though the street was completely tore up nothing was done to add curb or sidewalks there. One would think if you were doing major construction on a main thoroughfare you would invest the extra money to make the entire project up to current standards, but that was not even considered. We did pay to have new signage at the entrance to our city though. A big quality of life boost for all of us!

Attorney. The problem with your theory is there is no one to run for the office to remove those apples.

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Study finds most Baldwin City streets in good shape

To top if off you paid some guy to do a study then he could not be at the meeting to explain the study? How about you put that in the contract to begin with or you get a discount in the price.

They paid $377 dollars a mile to get the street condition? Is this on a map, and on the city website like it is in Lawrence or other cities?

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Study finds most Baldwin City streets in good shape

Yes we have approached them. They want us to foot the bill for the wider street, curb, storm drain and sidewalk. to be assessed on the next years tax bill. Do you have that much money lying around? They won't pave just the road that is there.

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Update: Shawnee cat drowner could get jail time, $500 fine

Thats how animals have been disposed of for years on farms. I guess he should have shot it in the head.

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Eisenhower Street upgrade to get underway

Nice now when are you going to pave the other gavel road in town?

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Drought claims largest tree in Oakwood Cemetery

It is the cycle of Life.

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Baldwin City Council agenda for July 1

Grey is right to a point. It is just a letter of support. No reason that county / state money come back to our city region.

However I do agree that in whole this is a waste. If you want to walk / ride in nature do it. You should not need a manufactured path to do it. We need to stop spending money on pet projects and fix what we have already.

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How to you feel about fireworks?

I don't have a problem with shooting fireworks on the 4th. They shoud be reserved for the evening / night of the 4th only. This shooting firecrackers off for three days straight off and on is a waste. Mostly it is just kids at home alone with nothing to do.

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Baldwin school district shortens calendar as cost-saving measure

Although I agree they need to cut cost. adding 2 min a class each day is complete waste. Then you start school on a Friday which becomes a wasted day. My child says there are so many days they waste doing nothing at school like watching youtube videos in cooking class they should all get a pay cut.

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