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Baldwin board selects Kansas City, Mo., developer's proposal to purchase, redevelop Chapel Street properties

'Because of the property’s proximity to Baker, his proposal assumed the apartments would be market-driven rentals, Krsnich said '

I guess Krsnich didn't do his homework. Bakers students are required to live on campus or in a Greek house unless they file and get approved exemption (usually for married or living with parents). So that is pretty much out.

On to the low rent apartments. Yea just what we need. Don't we have enough with the Chicken coops and the trailer park?

Really East Lawrence isn't that great.

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Baldwin school district receives two proposals to buy, redevelop Chapel Street properties

Why not tear the junk down sell the property to Baker so they can build a new building.

I thought the whole reason for building a new school was because this building was too bad to be cost effective to fix up. If it is so worthy to renovate that the board thinks it needs to stiuplate that in a the sale then they should have saved the taxpayers millions and spent the $500,000 and kept it, Shoot even $5 mil. is a far cry from the 22 mil than what we are paying now.

I am not sure why anyone would buy anything from someone who wanted to regulate what it would be used for after it was sold. Tear it down and start over.

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Progress made on problems plaguing Baldwin High School iPad connectivity

I am all about technology. We have an entire home network but Ipad is a waste. My child had to use my Laptop tonight to type a paper because the school uses google drive for papers but the Ipad doesn't work with google drive.

Complete waste of money and it's time for the IT guy to retire. Apple is not used in any large scale business or government and is way overpriced. Now it doesn't work like they wanted it to. How about being a good steward of our tax dollars.

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Progress made on problems plaguing Baldwin High School iPad connectivity

This has been a boondoggle from the start. And we figured out the problem at the parent meeting. Steve Hemphill introduced himself and said he had been with the district since something like 1978. Then he proceeds to say that he hasn't mastered everything on the Ipad yet.

I am sure my 70 year old mother could do as good a job leading the IT dept. She has mastered most of Windows 8. Really and this guy is leading the IT dept?

Then they said they were going to push out the apps that they had purchased after students had their Ipads. Now take 445 computers connect them to one network wifi router at the same time and try to have them download software all at one time. Are you kidding me. Now I realize that I don't know what they are using and there are accesses points that can handle this bandwidth but given that it USD348 and the cost they would be I would say the accesses points they have are good for about 12 computers and that is it. They already had to touch each Ipad when they got it buy putting in their admin connection ect. Why wouldn't you just put on the apps at the same time.

Lastly they have not blocked any apps. Children can download and buy any app they want. So now you have every student in school who is connected to the internet while setting in class. What do you think most of they are doing? They ban cell phones in class but now every student has an iChat device. Or an Twitter device ect. even if they didn't have a smart phone to begin with.

And the squirrel issue? If it's near the primary center why would a fiber optic cable be anywhere except underground? And my dog ate my homework.

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El Jacal to emphasize fresh, on-site prepared food

No I just believe in supporting local people.

You need to read this story.

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El Jacal to emphasize fresh, on-site prepared food

I have two comments.

You thought Ottawa was too saturated so you come to Baldwin City that will now have 3 mexican resturants and a total of what 8 or 9 places to eat?

Second. It sounds like you should fair better than El Patron if you cook everything fresh. I hope you do since you have ties to the area and KS, well heck to just the US. I know I will choose you over El Patron.

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Morning walk

There is another family that lives on the railroad right away. They run down to 11th street every night.

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Study finds most Baldwin City streets in good shape

I have to agree partly with this thought. This paragraph says it all

'The council also approved a $121,880 contract with Killough Construction for this year’s asphalt resurfacing work. The company is to mill and overlay Firetree Avenue, Flame Way and Blaze Boulevard. Overlay only is planned for Quayle, Eisenhower and Washington streets.'

Why would one spend money on Firetree, Flame Way and Blaze when we have streets to the south that are older and were not overlaid long before those streets were built?

Demon you mention 11th street sidewalks. Well the city just spent a lot of money to replace the sewer line under that street but even though the street was completely tore up nothing was done to add curb or sidewalks there. One would think if you were doing major construction on a main thoroughfare you would invest the extra money to make the entire project up to current standards, but that was not even considered. We did pay to have new signage at the entrance to our city though. A big quality of life boost for all of us!

Attorney. The problem with your theory is there is no one to run for the office to remove those apples.

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Study finds most Baldwin City streets in good shape

To top if off you paid some guy to do a study then he could not be at the meeting to explain the study? How about you put that in the contract to begin with or you get a discount in the price.

They paid $377 dollars a mile to get the street condition? Is this on a map, and on the city website like it is in Lawrence or other cities?

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Study finds most Baldwin City streets in good shape

Yes we have approached them. They want us to foot the bill for the wider street, curb, storm drain and sidewalk. to be assessed on the next years tax bill. Do you have that much money lying around? They won't pave just the road that is there.

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