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I been in contact with Mediacom now since last October over the degregation of speeds they are charging for. Last month I too was told that they have a utilization problem across the mid-west. And that a fix was in place for March 31. That day has come and gone. Called again last week and was told via. a tech that the date was set for March 31. But it could run into April 31. And that I should stay in contact with them weekly.
For the short term I just canceled my 12 MB service and went to the 3 MB package until end of April. If by then this issue has not been resolved. Then I will drop Mediacom and go with Centurylink.

For those of you who already switched. How are your speeds? Peak and off peak times? And I plan to buy my own DSL modem. What kind are you all using?

And by the way. I was informed that Mediacom is no longer issuing refunds or discounts for lack of service. If you want to continue using them for 12 MB service or more I suggest you drop down to lower tier service package until this gets resolved.

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