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Baldwin High School coach selected to hall of fame

Congratulations! It's an honor richly deserved over a long and illustrious career.You have every right to be proud of this honor and of the many, many students you have coached to championships, both on the field and in their personal character.

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Rescuing history

A thumbs up to the Rick Dietz, Bill Harmon, Dave Hill and Alan Wright for saving a historic part of downtown while converting it into a modern functional business facility. The modern new windows replacing the plywood and broken glass, restoration rather than just patching of the masonry walls, and the complete restoration and modernization of the interior and building front will make it an attractive business location, no doubt more energy efficient than most of the downtown buildings. Perhaps if other downtown building owners would take a hint and upgrade their buildings businesses would find them more efficient and attractive to both business prospects and customers. It's nice to see these men investing in Baldwin's esthetic as well as economic future.

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Baldwin board agrees to put Marion Spring on market

I'm not aware of any problems with the bus situation as it is or why we would want an outside for-profit company running our buses for us.

I know that the buses provide transportation services during the Day Out With Thomas and other events with the revenue received going to our school district. If an out-of-town operator were to take over the bus service, would those community-service uses still exist and would the school district receive the proceeds from such operations?

I'm in favor of spending the surplus bond money to retire bonds, not be spent just because it is burning the school boards' and administration's pockets. Over spending by the school district has resulted in tax levies that are driving people, especially older people, out of their homes, and some restraint on the part of our public officials would be a welcome change.

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Baldwin City man working to restore Victorian house to former stately condition

I'm glad to see that someone who appreciates this fine example of Spurgeon' masterpieces has acquired this house and is returning it to its once majestic appearance. Spurgeon is Baldwin's most legendary builder of the early 1900s and built many of the finer homes, Baker buildings, and Baldwin business buildings that remain today. Thank you!

I'm not positive, but I believe this was the Bert Danley house in Sept. 1953 when he sold it to Landis Newbanks who planned to establish a "rest home" in it. The Newbank's Rest Home was sold to Mr. and Mrs. A.E. Saile in December, 1956. It seems that the Flory family was operating it when the City built the new Orchard Lane Nursing Facility in March, 1969. Sometime after that the nursing home was closed and the house was converted to apartments. Perhaps someone has more information on this historic home they could share.

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Engineering design contract spurs debate on no-bid contracts

I'm with BaldwinDad. Why are we fixing the High Street intersection? And for that matter, who asked that Sixth Street north be redone? It seems that the taxpayers should be let in on some of these multi-million dollar projects before the City commits them to pay for them. The City and School district have been on a spending spree for too long and have driven property taxes to the point that Baldwin is no longer a cost-effective place to live or retire.

As I see it, High street is not broken and works just fine so why waste money fixing something that's not broken. Besides, the current configuration makes it faster and easier for westbound traffic to turn off onto High than it would a right angle that would require more slowing of highway traffic. Do we have a lot of eastbound traffic turning west onto High at that location or would the new alignment improve access to the Industrial Park?

As for BG Engineering, the City has used them for many successful projects so they have a lot of information about our infrastructure already in their database and design programs. For another engineering company to regather that kind of data would probably cost the City even more than would be saved by a lower bid, if in fact someone offered one.

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A bit of trivia. The area between Dearborn and Fremont and 11th west past the railroad right-of-way was originally owned by the railroad long before there was any development in that area. The railroad, built in 1867, had its first depot on the northeast side of the junction of Elm street and the railroad tracks between 1867 and about 1880, when a new depot was built south of High street between the tracks. The area between Dearborn and Fremont, 11th to the railroad, was later developed and annexed into Baldwin City as the Railroad Addition.
The Elm Street bridge now being replaced and the old walking bridge over the creek were originally put in so people could get to the original depot when it was at 12th and Elm.

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