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Staff reduction, transportation decisions next for school board

“We will also starting working with staff...
Another issue uses for the empty MSES and VES buildings.
While there are some decisions remain...

Jimmy. This article has some real flaws. I think you need an editor.

Mr. Dorathy is such a class act. He made calls to PTO and CSO presidents THE MORNING AFTER THE VOTE. Most of us from the rural communities had been up late crying, and were not given any time to even catch our breath before he wanted to talk about moving us into town. Teacher, parents, students and secretaries needed a little time to digest what had just been done to us. Gus had to ask Mr. Dorathy to give us time to mourn our loss. Mr. Dorathy has no idea what he has done to our district. He keeps minimizing the ramifications of the transition.

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Hey Bloggerboo..."Shut Up"

torch is the one who tries hard to offend. I usually scroll past those posts, myself.

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School board closes rural elementary schools by 5-2 vote

How about the need for the police officer to be present at the meeting? That was such a nice touch.

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School board closes rural elementary schools by 5-2 vote

Oh. He has said with his actions many times that "it is NOT about education." It is about sports and naming ballfields for him. I think we should name the first modular unit that goes up in town after him since he was so ready to close the rural schools and pack everyone into the new buildings in town.

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Future of rural schools decision looms Monday night

Mr. Dorathy has met with the principals from the school in town to come up with his plan to transition the kids into town. He did NOT include the principal from the rural schools in those discussions. Gus is the principal who knows our children, their specials needs and our teachers and their reservations and concerns. Mr. Dorathy is NOT asking the ones who will be most effected by the decision to close the schools. Will we be "welcomed with open arms" really? I think we will always be treated as the reason the new school is crowded. I also think our special needs kids (and there are a lot of them) will be bullied instead of treasured, as they are in the rural schools.

I asked the board president to talk with Mr. Dorathy about an open house for the rural parents and children to show us the schools in town and the commons area where they will have art, as well as the walk-in closet where they will have band. Some are actually school "shopping" and will be visiting other districts as well. I, personally, hope that many of the rural students end up in Eudora, Lawrence and being homeschooled so that my kids' class sizes are not as large as those being projected by Mr. Dorathy.

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Future of rural schools decision looms Monday night

I hope that the four NEW board members that are elected in April make it their priority July 1st to undo some of the damage that will be done tonight with the vote AND to begin looking for a new superintendant. We can not respect or follow a leader who does not keep his word. He assured us our rural schools will not be closed under his watch and then recommend to the board that they close those schools. The only thing we can do now is to rally support for new board members and show up at the polls with our neighbors and friends in April. Mr Dorathy's name will not be forgotten in Vinland for many years to come.

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School board sets date for rural schools public hearing

Don't fool yourself. If the schools close they will never be reopened.

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Parents respond to possible closing of rural schools

I do not think that there was a conspiracy. I have never thought there was a conspiracy. I will never believe the board had intentions of closing the rural schools when they promised me they would keep the rural schools open if I voted to build one in town. I only post the flyer in hopes that the board will keep the promise they made me. Some of the board members are my friends. I do not think they are liars and I have told them so. I have a lot of respect for five of the seven board members, even the ones I know who will vote to close schools. Mr. Dorathy did say he would keep the rural schools open during that time of campaigning for the new schools. He said it on a Tuesday out at Marion Springs and he sent an email to the rural teachers saying the same. The teachers and our principal remember it. He was pushing so hard for that new school that he coached our rural teachers on what to say to parents that were reluctant to vote for the new school. If you know a rural teacher ask them about it.

The rural schools will soon be closed and my kids may be sitting in crowded classes, possibly in rooms that were not even meant to be classrooms and possibly right next to a child who is parented by someone who hurls insults and hides behind the word "anonymous." I know they will still get an education and I know they will adjust. We all will. I don't think it will be worth the 200,000 to 400,000 in savings to crush the two communities but I will make the best of a bad situation.

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Lies and the Lying Liar School Board Members that Tell Them

I think Ande is right about anonymous posters. I can never figure out why people would pay attention to anyone that won't sign their name to their post.

Ande, The point you made in your statement about building a new school in town still rings true. There is NOT enough room to house all the students comfortably. The comment you made at the last board meeting about being uncomfortable putting all the K thru 3 kids into rooms that were not designed for them was encouraging to me. You were so careful to design the buildng to fit students into pods. It is a shame to close two buildings and destroy that.

You say the board has made all the other cuts they can make. Have you considered closing the building that house the district offices and use the new building for what it is intended for INSTEAD of closing the rural buildings? Or at least one of them? If VES closes, maybe some of us would drive our kids out to MSE instead of in to town. Another question I really want answered is this: Do you forsee the third graders ever getting out of the PC and moving back to the IC? If so, how? There will only be two empty rooms right? The PC teachers seem to think the third graders will only be at the new building for two years so you can get the extra state money. The reading room and the other room that were never intended to be classrooms will be classrooms forever, Correct? Or will the third grade be split into two buildings?

Ruth Barkley has asked Mr. Dorathy repeatedly to contact the intermodal and have a representative come to a board meeting. Why hasn't that happened yet?

I could find a few more cuts before closing schools. Why can't the IC and the PC share a principal like VES and MSE do? Why do you allow the coaches and Scott to continue to make sports a priority instead of the quality of education? You are charged with providing a free and appropriate education, not after-school activities.

Closing the buildings is a long-term solution to a short-term problem. The economy will recover. If we start kids out in town and then two or three years later decide to open a rural school back up and you do not enforce the boundries then you will have another set of problems. We will have modular units sitting outside the new buildings. I think we should name the first one "Laurisden's modular" since he does like to name facilities.

I know there are RIF meetings already and I know that Mr. Dorathy has said that you must give the public a time to speak as part of the legal process before you close the buildings. It is discouraging to us to see the board acting as if the vote has already been cast. I am very glad to hear you are still undecided. Three no votes would be better than two when the votes are cast.

Lisa Smith

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Parents respond to possible closing of rural schools

I keep having people ask me about this flyer. This is the flyer that the rural children brought home in their backpacks. We were told a vote for the new school would guarantee that VES and MSE would stay open. Mr Dorathy told our teachers that no schools would be closed as long as he was superintendant.

Here is a link to the flyer:


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