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School board rejects latest plan for storage facility; Annual business items approved Monday night

Oh, the board PROMISED people they would put a storage building up so they HAVE to do it? The USD348 board makes promises that don't have to be kept when budgets change REMEMBER? Just don't build one and say the promise doesn't have to be kept because the economy isn't as good as it once was. Remember too, the promise to make the storage building was BEFORE the huge VES building that is still being paid for became just a district storage building. Use THAT.

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BJHS fails to meet AYP requirements

And it is just going to get harder and harder to meet those standards since the board of education last year increased the average class sizes of K-5. When a teacher of a primary grade goes from teaching 18 to teaching 23 six year olds, our kids get short changed. We'll watch those scores drop a lot in the next few years. Shiney new buildings are costing this district in a lot of areas.

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USD 348 Performing Arts Center set to open ahead of schedule

Four million dollars for six hundred seats that will last fifty years? Even if it lasts two hundred years that was too much. After you tour this facility, tour the new PC if you haven't already. See how your tax dollars are being spent. It does not take extravagant buildings to educate. Smaller class sizes matter according to the researchers, not plush buildings.

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USD School Board considering cutting busing inside city limits

This won't impact sports in any way so it is definitely something the board would consider. Now, if it was going to hurt a sport or a coach then it would go no further. Do I think it is a good idea? No. The 320 children that ride the bus from town will now have to be dropped off. They already just forced 150 more students to either ride for nearly an hour or be driven to school. Why not add 320 more students and their cars to the congestion and the backed up traffi?. Let's see if we can make it a twenty minute wait to drop the kids off in the two new schools in the morning. Perhaps closing two schools added to the bus routes so that they needed to be divided and there are not enough buses to go around. It would be ironic if some of the people in town who pushed so hard for our rural schools to be closed, lost their free bus service because of it. Make some noise and try to get the board to listen but they have already made up their minds. Town meetings won't matter. Reasoning with them and begging won't matter. At least they aren't closing your school and shipping your children to another town so consider yourself lucky.

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Letter to the editor

Slade, I've been following your campaign and you are quickly becoming one of my favorite Baldwin citizens. I made 45 phone calls today and asked my neighbors and friends to vote for you. I appreciate your frank and honest approach. This letter questioning the honesty of candidates is ridiculous. The only group I know that was formed was the MOVE BALDWIN FORWARD group and their website came online the morning after the vote to close schools. How ironic. Some of the candidates at the forum were honest enough to admit they were running because they were afraid there would be cuts to sports. I was amazed that anyone would be THAT honest. The current board is making sure that there is no way the rural schools can be reopened. They are spending up all their "saved money" from the close of rural schools so there will be no way we have a chance of saving our small communities. The four candidates that win, even if they want to, would have to be miracle workers to find the money at this point. It sure would be HORRIBLE if any sports took a cut, wouldn't it? The board of education should be educating our children first, not playing games with them.

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BHS principals resign; Wegner retires from MSES, VES

If only every school had a principal like Gus. If you didn't get to know him then you really missed out.

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School board position 3 candidate: Slade Dillon

Wow. This guy has my vote. He's not trying to hide anything and not putting up any fronts for sure.

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School board position 2 candidate: Sandy Chapman

The schol board would benefit greatly from an accountant's point of view.

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School board position at-large candidate: Joshua Mihesuah

"And I have visited with all the schools’ teachers, staff, students and community patrons--several times. Almost everyday I speak with members of the community and district staff. People contact me regularly. I make myself available."

ALL the teachers? I know a few you missed. How many minutes have you spent at VES lately? The teachers there time it at twelve minutes total. You were the ONLY school board member that never returned my emails or answered any of my questions. You also were the only school board member I ever knew who fell asleep during a board meeting... Remember the October 11th board meeting?

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Slates set for spring elections

I'm glad the question was asked Baldwin Dad. I am also glad Robin answered so that I know for sure who NOT to vote for. I wish all the other candidates would answer. Mr. Dorathy has got to go as soon as possible. He has done enough damage here. I understant the current board is in the process of evaluating him right now and I hope they are listening to the public.

Joshua Mihesuah also has to go. Was anyone at the board meeting in October when he fell asleep and nearly slid from his chair? The other board members usually, at least, pretend to be attentive while others are speaking but not Joshua. He says it would be good to have some consistency but who wants to maintain something that is not working well? That is ridiculous. Let's elect some new people to the board. We have an accountant running in District Two who has a lot of experience with balance sheets. Lets make some major changes.

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