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Baker University updates requirements to hone skills used after graduation

Ghost, tell me your kidding. This is exactly what Baker does not need, KU rejects to " enlighten" our future with useless liberal garbage. Pat Long were you out of town while this was going on ?

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Vacant school, district property stirs interest from various groups

Watch this turn into as much drama as consolidation.

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700 Block of Chapel 2 way street and 30mph?!

Maddam you are dealing with the City of Baldwin - there is no mind

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USD 348 board debates location of ballfield storage facility

Put the building where the BOE lives - fantasyland

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700 Block of Chapel 2 way street and 30mph?!

I hate to steal your thunder but if you look at the 2/10/11 edition of the paper there is an article talking about this exact subject.

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KDOT pledges $550,000 to make school intersection safer

Ghost - Bravo, your comments are on the money ( in more ways than one ) . More impressive you stay on the subject and dont drag the 11th street / Bullpup Lane issue into the discussion. It's clear and focused thought like this that would put Baldwin far ahead of where it is today.

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Elm Street bridge deemed unsafe, closed for months

Sadly, that would be an improvement over a power palnt that only costs - and costs - and costs..... Cant wait to hear sollutions to gold - oh I mean water rates still yet to be addressed by current council ( that Lawrence is still making a killing on ). Economic development plan should be a great smoke and mirror act for anyone dumb enough to locate here - hmm outrageous utilities, tons of red tape, anti- business govt....

A little planning and some thinking outside the box would do wonders ( meaning you can't keep doin what you good ol boys been doin the last decade and a half and expect to move ahead )

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Baldwin City's sales tax collections up, down in 2010

Yes the City has known since mid '08. I would suggest you ask Wagner or any of the lot why they have done nothing about the opportunity - getting a straight answer may be a different story.

Pretty frustrating to watch the city throw opportunity away.

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Baldwin City's sales tax collections up, down in 2010

Ken in answer to your above reply

1 - Yes 1 prospective buyer and 1 willing to provide just power
2 - part 1 No , Part 2 possibly
3 - You can't

The fact the power debacle was done under your watch throws up many red flags. Talk is cheap and thats what politicians are good at.Nothing personal but Baldwin cant afford to keep moving backwards

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Baldwin City's sales tax collections up, down in 2010

So given the above scenario of Baldwin not being able to be competetive with surrounding communities, I would be interested in Kens view as to how to move Baldwin forward in the future - attracting new business, getting rid of our financial herpe ( power plant ) lowering other utility rates...

It is sad that you can spend gas money to drive to Lawrence, pick up the same things as you can in Baldwin and still come back money ahead. The overhead our local businesses have to pay in utility rates, shipping, labor ... I dont blame them for charging what they charge - that falls in part on the mismanagement by the City and the lack of interest in doing anything to move Baldwin forward.

For the record options have been presented to the City for years now as to alternatives for power providers, instead we got a 12 % rate hike over the next 2 years - nice

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