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Yeah me too. Especially since I dont have a truck, laptop or work for an engineering co.

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Interesting observations ?
1. You need a laptop to get wireless internet. I dont have one
2. Sit in a parkinglot without going into a store - I'm stumped.
3. Don't have a truck
4. Nailed it on ranting about our electric rates. Alternatives to the same old same old don't seem to even raise an eyebrow , and nobody wants to see what can be done to improve our situation. Evidently it's better to be speechless and take what the City will allow you to have. No thanks

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So you're happy with the current rates and structure of the utilities we are paying for ? Are you rich or just don't care.

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That option has been presented to the City for a year and a half. The City has also had the option of buying from Westar or at least getting a competetive bid. No interest on the part of the City

The result - a 13% electricity increase over the next 2 years. Great job boys

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Former coach lauded for devotion

Ouch, Baldwin Nad ! You seem a bit touchy about being told to grow up - bring back recent bad memories?

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School board position 3 candidate: Slade Dillon

I would like to whole heartedly endorse you for the school board - in fantasy land. While you seem to have a fringe following the mainstream luckily opts for the financial, conservative side of reality. But good luck pimping an idea that's already been shot ( closed ) down.

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City council candidate: Ken Hayes

This is all well and good but really small potatos compared to the big picture meaning the utility debacle and trying to get business into / staying in town. What are your specific ideas regarding that ?

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Former coach lauded for devotion

From everything I know of Mr. V he is a class act. Congrats to you.

The rest of you boys and girls arguing about this petty spilled milk - get over it and yourself

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School board position 2 candidate: Ed Kite

Sadly Cat, you still can't seperate a financil decision from your emotions. Poor Gato

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City council candidate: Coy Weege

This is a St. Paddys day joke right ? Tell me it is. Seriously going green is a priority ? Maybe priority # 526 on the list.

Here's a news flash. I drove by the intermodal site today, the contractors are set up in thier offices and there are a minimum of 50 earthmovers ready to roll. While your thinking of a nifty advertising slogan for Baldwin and watching what other communities are doing to attract business for economic development, reality is happening 15 miles down the road. Expanding the tax base ? - you can't expand what we don't have.

I do believe a good advertising slogan for Baldwin can be Baldwin the " green" city.
Green with envy for Wellsville, Edgerton and Gardners economic development from the intermodal
Green with overflowing tax dollars the community constantly coughs up because of mismanagement
Green with lots of vacant land where businesses will not be built

This sounds like more of the same inept " Baldwin experience" we have had in the past. We can't afford this "mentality" any more.

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