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Slates set for spring elections

Nathaniel makes some excellent points. We, as taxpayers got exactly what we asked for when we voted in that bond issue two years ago. It was not a wise decision and we are now living with the consequences of that bad decision. That is not entirely the fault of the school board or Mr. Dorathy. As taxpayers we should have known better, but as Americans we are an impatient lot and we want, what we want, when we want it ! Also we are woefully inept at teaching basic economics and therefore we had a large bulk of the district voters voting on emotion (yes Torch it was "for the children") rather than on any kind of financial acumen.

Now, as a result of a bad economy we are faced with hard, hard decisions. Closing the rural schools was one of those decisions. Given the budget problems we are having and a state government that will likely cut more from education I am sure they made an informed choice that they believed was best for the entire district.

Some like BaldwinDad don't like that decision. That is his opinion and does not make him spiteful, ignorant nor a hater. In fact, I think BaldwinDad has spent a great deal of time on this issue. He is an informed a point.

I see red flags when people start demanding the firing of anyone in public office when they do not know the whole story. yes, BaldwinDad has been to many a BOE meeting but he has not been privy to any Executive sessions. He has not worked with Mr. Dorathy on a day to day basis. Therefore I find his and Lisa Smith's call for firing a bit of an emotional overaction.

The best people to decide if we need a change in leadership are those that have intimate knowledge of the inner and outer workings of USD 348. Not someone who is running on platform of "throw the bum out".

The only thing that scares me more than a one-issue voter is a one-issue candidate.

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Slates set for spring elections

Baldwin Dad. One question. Do you now, or have you ever, managed people in a professional capacity? My guess is you have not. Whereas Mr. Bayer's answer may have been a bit verbose for this format I believe he is giving you an honest and wise answer.

I would never vote for anyone who is calls for the immediate firing of anyone until all the facts are gathered. Like it or not Mr. Dad, you do not have all the facts and neither does anyone who has not been serving on the BOE. Mr. Bayer is saying (albeit in a rather long and tedious way) that he won't fire anyone until he has done everything to try to correct the situation in order to keep continuity in process and keep USD 348 running as efficiently as possible. That is a mature and professional way to handle any oversite of employees. One you would understand if you, yourself actually had to manage people.

Mr. Dad--one bit of advice. Perhaps you (and all your fellow posters) should spend less time harping about the decision to close the schools and going after Mr. Dorathy and more time preparing your daughter for the new experiences she will have next year. Kids tend to get their attitudinal cues from their parents. If your online persona is the same attitude you are reflecting at home you are setting your daughter up to be miserable next year.

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Cat fight wakes couple before house fire

Trust me, we know the difference. As much as I disagree with TheOnlyGreyghost on many issues TOGg wouldn't stoop that low to post something like this. Not a nice thing to do Fakeghost. shame on you

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School board eyes land donation to help with intersection upgrade

FYI--- the city is discussing giving an INVESTOR group a grant to RESTORE an old building. Get your adjectives and facts straight.

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School board eyes land donation to help with intersection upgrade

Apples and oranges.

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Looks like the electorate is finally waking up.

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City council discusses unsafe structure, speed limits near elementary schools

Thanks Jimmy for filling in the missing pieces. Now the conspiracy theorists out there have the transparency they are so worried about. No deep dark motives here. Just some extremely community minded citizens who want to help out but aren't willing to take a financial bath to do so. The real culprit here is the owner who hasn't maintained his building nor paid his taxes.

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Where's the city news?

I am afraid the future of our paper local doesn't look good either. I was disappointed that there was no news at all on the The Signal's website(as of 5:30am on Monday) about the large fire on Sunday morning on Dearborn Street.. According to TV reports on the scene one of our local volunteer firemen was injured fighting this fire . I'd say this qualifies as "breaking news" and should have been reported on this website. At the very least the small article on the LJW's site should have at least been updated. In a small town like this we all probably know either the homeowners, their family or the fireman. We'd like to be reassured that they are ok.

I am not going to criticize our one lone reporter as I assume he was covering the BHS football game until late Saturday night. I assume he knew nothing about the fire until the next morning. However by mid morning Sunday either he or someone at the LJW should have been covering this story for our community. Jeff would have been there and would have had breaking news alerts going across this site. You are missed Jeff. It looks like we are all going to join you as victims of a struggling newspaper industry.

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City council discusses unsafe structure, speed limits near elementary schools

Sorry true_bulldog I am not part of city government. Never have been. However I do know a couple of the people who are trying to put this deal together and I think it crazy to not at least take a serious look at their offer. Frankly that building is an eye sore. I'd rather see someone take an interest in it, fix it up rather than have my taxpayer money going to tear it down and then we all be stuck with the liability left on the tax roles because no one with a lick of sense will buy that empty lot with that kind of tax liability attached to it.

FYI-- Take your mind of out the gutter. From "boob" = noun, a stupid person;fool;dunce.

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City council discusses unsafe structure, speed limits near elementary schools

Amen to that straightforward. It astonishes me the lack of foresight in many in this community. Let's put it in simple terms--I guess notwhatyouthink would rather see an empty lot sitting there for the next 20 plus years (because in reality who on earth would buy that piece of ground )and have the taxpayers be out $72,000 and have nothing to show for it than give an incentive for a private investor to come in fix an historic old building up, create a function business, create a few jobs and bring activity to downtown. Come on folks, the taxpayer is going to be out regardless so why not minimize the damage and accept a great offer when it's presented?

It sounds to me either notwhat is either painfully ignorant or is suffering under typical class envy thinking where he is ticked off someone else can afford to make this offer (i.e. has enough bucks laying around to dabble in investments). Notwhat is probably thinking, "why should we give them a break? They are rich, they can afford it". Standard class-envy thinking and exactly the kind of thinking that is stifling our economy right now.

I think it's great that there are some in this community who are willing to put up some of their hard earned money to invest in our downtown and try to keep this building from being razed. More power to you and please don't listen to these jealous boobs who claim they are "looking out for taxpayer money" but are in reality extremely short sighted and have not one entrepreneurial bone in their bodies.

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