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Baldwin City stands by shelter decision, looks to schedule storm preparedness meeting

Please name another community that has an official community storm shelter that guarantees it will be open 24/7. I certainly cannot think of one.

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TerriLois Gregory's Ethics Charges

Interesting that you have such contempt for both TerriLois and for our former city councilman. Obviously your animosity isn't conceived in a political ideaology as the two couldn't be farther apart in their political leanings. So your negativity must just be a personality disorder. Or you are simply intimidated by people who are willing to put their name and reputations up for scrutiny while holding (or running for) public office while you hide behind a stolen identity throwing your little grenades whenever you get a chance.

You are right about one thing. You and I are about the only people who read this stuff anymore. Speakout is shadow of it's former self and a complete waste of time.

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TerriLois Gregory's Ethics Charges

Oh give it a rest. It was in the LJW today. No big deal as far as I am concerned. Honest mistake for which she has apologized. Not near as bad as identity theft.

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City council endorses County Road 1055 resolution

I think "the kid" was right on target. People use 1055 as "the back way to Lawrence". Always have and always will. His point was that Hwy improvements on Hwy 59 and 56 are not necessarily going to cut down on traffic on 1055 since many use that route to Mass Street and KU. And I will add as a way to LMH and medical offices.

Jason, you are doing a fine job and don't let the whiners who don't want their greenspace violated get to you. The fact is that the people that are whining the loudest on this should be mad at their home builders and developers of the property ---not at the city. This project has been on the books for years and these homeowner's should have been made aware of it before they bought their homes. Kind of late now to be crying the blues.

Please remember that this community voted on the sales tax renewal for precisely this kind of infrastructure improvement. I know I did. I moved to this town about the time brown outs were common place and the water pressure on the west side of town was so bad you couldn't run a hose and your shower at the same time. I NEVER want to go back to that way of life that was brought on by years and years of city officials who never wanted to spend a time and did no planning. The town was a mess and we are still paying for that lack of foresight.

I say "amen brothers and sister" for going ahead with this project. You did the right thing and we will all enjoy the new road once it's complete.

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Mediacom has done it again !

We installed Centurylink wireless in our home a few months ago. I have been extremely pleased with their service. I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was and how helpful their customer service representatives were. They worked with me in getting the most cost effective phone/internet combo for our family's needs. The internet service has been excellent with no interruptions. I highly recommend them.

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Rural school families remain skeptical; Baldwin parent group trying to reach out

Where's the story about how spooked the Baldwin parents are about having these country bumpkins with their odd accents and strange traditions coming into the metropolis and polluting the pure symmetry of the urban schools? Forced intergration is a terrible thing.

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This town is very good at conspiracy theories. The sad part is people believe them. A prime example is Mike Gammage's letter to the editor 3/31edition of Signal.

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Slates set for spring elections

Any one know what Ted B. decided not to run again? He has been a fixture on the council for years.

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Baldwin City's sales tax collections up, down in 2010

Thank you for the history of the power plant and how it plays into the current situation. I appreciate you answering my question.

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Baldwin City's sales tax collections up, down in 2010

A question for Ken Hayes: Do you regret your decision to bring a new power plant to Baldwin? Correct me if I am wrong but I believe you were mayor when that decision was made. In an earlier post it sounded like you were critical of the utility and the decision made to bring it to Baldwin. Did I misunderstand your comment?

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