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Sixth Street barricades to come down Friday evening

I am flattered you think I am Jeff M.

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Sixth Street barricades to come down Friday evening

Nan, 1776. Please run for city council next spring.

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Council urged to honor voters’ support for Baldwin City Library expansion

Yes. I would be interested in that dollar amount too. Thank you.

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Architect offers to draw plans for Baldwin Junior High auditorium remodel at no cost

Pay the debt down! I cannot believe that there is even a discussion about this.

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Baldwin superintendent presents plan to open shelter to residents

Oh brother. <sigh> you are purposely missing my point. Probably because it seems heartless and all about the cold hard cash.

However I am neither heartless or uncaring for these folks. I just know that this isn't an easy solution and you seem to want to make it all about the emotion and the desire to do the right thing. Noble, but not very practical. What is the old adage, "the road to heaven is full of good intentions.."

Again, please give me an example of another community in the area that offers this to their citizens. Because if there is one (and I am pretty certain there is not) I think those are the first people we need to talk to. How do they make it work?

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Baldwin superintendent presents plan to open shelter to residents

again, I am not nor have I ever been an elected member of this city council or any other elected board. You may not believe me but it is the truth. I just happen to pay attention to what is going on here in Baldwin and I ask a lot of questions.

Again, name me one community that has a designated Community Shelter that guarantees it will be open 100% of the time in case of bad weather. I do not mean it's open 100% of the time just for kicks. I mean that they guarantee their citizens that in case a storm is coming the designated community shelter will always be open to them. Does Lawrence offer this to their citizens? No. What about any of the suburbs of KC? Nope. Eudora, Wellsville, Ottawa? I think you will find the answer is a NO there too.

I am just a realist. I know how the economy works. You cannot have something for nothing and that is exactly what you are asking for. In your perfect world you want to guarantee that the shelter at the PAC is open 100% of the time when it is needed ie. when a bad storm is coming. I am just saying that in order to guarantee that you have to PAY someone to make sure it's there and it is manned properly (as someone in this thread requested). When you pay someone that money has to come from somewhere. You are suggesting the city budget. The city budget comes from tax dollars. Tax dollars come from taxes levied against you, me and all of us in the City. I am assuming the city budget is extremely tight in these economic times. So logic tells me that either services are going to be cut to fund storm shelter personnel or new money has to be raised....taxes.

The idea of volunteer staffing is noble but not practical if you want to GUARANTEE that the shelter will be open whenever it is needed. The fact is a storm cannot be scheduled therefore you have to have someone on call 24/7 365 days a year just in case a storm brews up. All I am saying is that costs money. Real money. It isn't free.

contrary to what you might think, I am not opposed to getting "the facts". It would be interesting knowing the dollar amount attached to having this kind of 100% guaranteed staffing. However it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that it will be a whole lot more than most people think it will be. I am just pointing out that nothing government does is free. Nothing. If the citizens of Baldwin are willing to pay for it then by all means go for it. However I think you will find that charity in Baldwin stops at one's own pocketbook. If you put it to a vote I seriously doubt this city would raise taxes to pay for this kind of personnel. I could be wrong but I don't think so.

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Baldwin superintendent presents plan to open shelter to residents

My apologies to Bloggerboo. My comments were mainly in response to Goldie. My mistake.

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Baldwin superintendent presents plan to open shelter to residents

Bloggerboo just so we are clear I am not, nor have I ever been, an elected official here in Baldwin.

However I pay attention to what is going on in this community and I think that many like you are having a knee-jerk reaction to this issue when there is so much more involved here that you are not taking into consideration.

Again, please name me one other community that has a designated Community Shelter that is open 100% of the time? I cannot think of one and I have lived in many small to large towns in Kansas and in other states.

I am not unsympathetic to those who don't have basements. In fact, I fear for their safety when they assume they can get into a shelter only to find out that the designated "volunteer" decided he/she couldn't make it to do the job. The only way to make 100% certain that it will ALWAYS be open is to pay someone to do it. That means you must pay them to be "on call".

This will get extremely costly since someone will certainly have to be on call all of March, April, May , June , July...heck it should be year round. Remember we just had a tornado siren in February. Don't you see the point? In order to be 100% certain that it is manned someone must be on call 24/7/365 days a year. That is not cheap. Taxes will have to go up or current services cut. Which will it be?

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Baldwin superintendent presents plan to open shelter to residents

Bloggerboo-----A volunteer is precisely that A VOLUNTEER. That means that person has no legal, ethical or moral obligation to show up. They can quit whenever they want. I don't think its such a good idea to assure people that someone will be there to open the place up or man the shelter if you aren't 100% certain they will be there. What if the volunteer doesn't show and you have 50 people waiting outside instead of finding other shelter???

You can never be 100% certain a volunteer will show up. Not worth the risk. so we are back to paying someone to do it. How much is it worth on your mill levy?

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Baldwin superintendent presents plan to open shelter to residents

goldie, then can we assume you are ok with the one police officer on duty at the time of the tornado sirens leaves his patrol car to man the storm shelter? Can we assume that you are ok that the rest of the town is left without police protection while this officer is being the "designated staff" for the shelter? Can we assume you are fine if there is some kind of police emergency on your block but you have to wait for a police response since the closest officer we have is required to sit in the storm shelter? I think not. I think you will be ther first to rail against the big, bad city for not protecting YOU.

Let's say the city designates another staff member to be the storm shelter monitor. who would that be? Since the city has no Office of Community Safety perhaps we should create a new position for that. Uhmmmmmmmm, how much are you willing to raise your taxes to pay for that? If we send a current staff member, perhaps a public works guy or one of the office administration staff, welll they will need overtime pay...assuming of course they are even in town if the tornado sirens go off on a weekend, holiday or in the evening. Of course you could require that person on duty to be "on call" but that too would require additional compensation (read your Kansas Labor Laws). You willing to pay for that too by increased mill levies? Everything has a price. Nothing the government does is for free.

My point is that this issue is not as cut and dried as just "open the doors and let them in". I think it's good that the City and school district are trying to work things out but there is a reason that most communities do not provide community shelters for their residents. I have referenced a few of them above.

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