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Debunking 'Baker vote' myth


I understand where you're coming from, and agree to some degree. I believe everyone should be an informed voter, which means that if there is something that doesn't apply to them, restraining from placing a vote. However, most Baker students are here 4-5 years, and most local issues will at least affect their lives during that window of time. I know we have focused on the bond issue, but the editorial also touched on the vote for mayor. There is no reason a Baker student shouldn't be interested in who the major of Baldwin is.

Younger people and older people are in two different stages of life generally, while the older generation is usually worried about taxes, that's not typically a concern for the younger crowd. It's hard to walk in each other's shoes.

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Debunking 'Baker vote' myth


This country wouldn't be what it is if people didn't disagree. I didn't mean that everyone in this town is ignorant and close minded. This is the only town I've lived in where people know my business even before I tell them. While that's not the greatest thing all the time, it's good to have people interested in your future! I have met many people here that are remarkable. Unfortunately, being such a small town, I find it hard to avoid people that seem to lack all sense.

We're fighting for the same goal, just on different teams!

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Debunking 'Baker vote' myth


I don't care if I lose credibility with an anonymous online forum troll. In all honesty, just because you know who my dad is, doesn't mean you know a thing about me.

I actually supported myself for over a year when I lived in Florida finishing my first degree. That was on my own dime, not my parents. I paid rent, utilities, food, etc.

I'm not running for political office here, trying to call my character into account does nothing for your argument. You don't "win" anymore or less on this issue by insulting me personally. I honestly just laugh that some of these self-proclaimed adults stoop to such childish levels.

My point still holds water, regardless of my parents or my own financial situation. How many 18 year olds do you know that own homes and pay taxes? Probably not too many. Yet the voting age is 18, not 22 or 25 or whatever you consider an "adult".

Taxes have nothing to do with being allowed to vote, and that was my entire point. I'm mature enough to make my own, informed decisions, and that is all that matters.

Since you know who I am, feel free to stop by and have an adult conversation with me in person. I'm all for anonymous posting. But you can't call someone else's credibility out while hiding behind a screen name.

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Debunking 'Baker vote' myth

I'm under the belief that the nicer the facilities, and happier the students/parents, the more excellent teachers would want to teach in our district... maybe it's not the biggest deal to teachers about the condition of their schools, but I'm sure it'd be some sort of factor.

Not that I've scientifically researched that theory, but it's a thought.

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Debunking 'Baker vote' myth


To address your points. I'm not saying anyone has no right to oppose the bond issue. I see exactly where you're coming from. I'm merely defending the Baker students' right to vote on this issue.

I wouldn't have voted yes if it solely meant a new track for the high school to get them out of our hair. I was merely stating one reason why the bond issue played a role in the lives of Baker students.

You have all the right to disagree and make your opinion known, I didn't want it to seem like I was attempting to take that from you. I do disagree, however, with the way certain people make their opinion known (TeaBagger).

The health care statement was not intended to spark another debate. But my character was questioned about what kind of ideals I stand for when my own money would be on the line, so I mentioned supporting something that benefits others at the cost of myself.

All in all, I hope the bond issue turns into a greater blessing than you expect, and it's worth the extra burden in the end. I'm sure the students in the school district appreciate it.

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Debunking 'Baker vote' myth

TeaBagger, you're providing no points or any sound arguments... you're name calling like a little kid, I'm proud not to associate myself with you and your kind. Thanks for continuing to prove my point. Have a good day little one.

Tony, keep making Baldwin proud!

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Debunking 'Baker vote' myth

check this out TeaBagger


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Debunking 'Baker vote' myth

First off, I'm a male.

More importantly, I've held a job since I was 14 years old and legally able to work. As of right now, I'm taking 19 hours this semester, while also working 32-36 hours per week at an internship. I also work for our campus media programs and get work study money from that. I pay my own bills at my house outside of the mortgage, I bought my own car and pay the insurance on it as well, which is only possible because I worked my butt off during the summer to save enough money. Don't make judgments of people you don't know "TeaBagger".... not sure how you think you're qualified as a grown up with that name and even less mature comments.

You think because my parents pay my tuition and support me that I have everything handed to me? I still have to put in the work, my parents don't go to class for me, they don't go to my internship. I'm the one preparing my future, they just gave me the tools like a good parent should. You don't think I'm grateful for what they've done for me? I am, that's why I support their opinions on stuff like the bond issue.

Not caring about you doesn't qualify me as a brat. Keep your comments coming, this is why I labeled you as ignorant, so far you've proven me right. You were wrong about absolutely everything you just said.

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Debunking 'Baker vote' myth

Also, the "I only care what's good for me" mindset is what is wrong with our country. You asked if I would have voted the same if it was my money.

I also support free health care. I already have health care, and that would likely mean higher taxes for me in a few months when I enter the workforce full time. But my small sacrifice makes the biggest difference to someone else.

In the case of our bond issue, it's even more of a must for me. These kids didn't get to choose where they went to school, they haven't made any decisions in their life yet that would make me think they don't deserve nicer facilities or a better education. What kind of message would our town be sending if we said "no, we don't care if you get a better education because we only care about ourselves."

You will never convince me that I made the wrong decision, and I highly doubt anyone posting on this online forum is on the fence about what we should have done either. We all have strong opinions.

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Debunking 'Baker vote' myth

my family actually owns a second house for me to live in since I don't live on campus anymore. That means they're paying even higher taxes, and they still encouraged me to vote for the bond issue. They pay the taxes I would pay for me because they want me to focus on my education.

Also, you have nothing to do with my tuition you are right. But I also didn't make the choice for you and your family to move to Baldwin, and also, to stay here. If it's that expensive, move to Edgerton. The argument works both ways. Don't expect someone to care about your situation if you don't care about theirs.

That being said, if I personally paid taxes here, I'd have still voted for the bond issue. The price of educating our youth must be paid by everyone. It's one of the basic rights everyone should be entitled to, and not just if you have kids or not. I went through Baldwin School systems and they really needed new facilities. Maybe we'll also be able to keep good administrators and teachers? Since my time there I know we've lost several good ones.

Every person in this town helps make it what it is. I'm sorry if you have to hold the burden for making our schools a better place, but it's a decision that HAD to be made to better our town and give our children a better opportunity. Just because you're the one that had to hold the majority of the burden, doesn't mean I shouldn't get to speak my mind by voting. Didn't your mom teach you life isn't fair?

One more thing, to consider. Without Baker, this town wouldn't exist. If Baker has to close it's doors, who knows what will become of Baldwin. So yeah, me paying my tuition is completely relevant. People making the choice to come to Baker, helps Baldwin. Having our own facilities that we don't share could potentially persuade those extra few athletes to attend Baker instead of the other schools they were considering. In these tough times, Baker needs every student. Maybe you should look at both sides of the coin. I've considered your side, time to consider ours.

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