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Christie files for Baldwin school board

Oscar, the more I see you post, the less sense you start making.

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Democrats criticize Brownback’s proposed cuts to schools

Sorry, the minority have a right to voice their opinions and concerns in this country. Also, just because the majority of Kansas residents lean a certain way politically, doesn't mean they're right. If you hate their "whining" so much, why don't you pack your bags and move away then, so you don't have to hear it?

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Rural School Closings

If you think moving a handful of kids to a school a few miles away would be more detrimental than cutting extra-curricular activities for AN ENTIRE DISTRICT, you are absolutely out of your mind. For anyone proposing we cut sports/activities you must have not participated much while in high school. The things you learn while be involved in activities outside the classroom is JUST as important to becoming a well rounded and successful person as the things you learn in the classroom. In fact, I can go most days without having to know how to do geometry or the history of the United States. Yet determination, team work, communication, work ethic, etc. are things that you need in any job PERIOD, and are things I learned while participating in sports much more than I did with my nose in a book.

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You guys realize that the money acquired through the bond issue and the general budget are two separate things right?

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School board public hearing scheduled for tonight

What do you mean this is a one time savings if they close the school? Do you only have to pay a teacher one time? Their salaries are a yearly thing if I'm not mistaken. The biggest reason to close these schools if the district having to trim back on faculty. Look at the budget for the district and you will see that the VAST majority of the budget goes into salaries. With the expected cuts to come in the next few years, every district across the state will be forced to reduce the amount of teachers they have.

We can't sit here pointing our fingers at the school board acting like they've masterminded some scheme over the years to close these schools down. We as a state have elected people into office who didn't/couldn't put education first, and I fear it will only get worse after the recent elections. This is a last resort option for the school board. For those of you who think closing these schools won't save the district as much money as they're hoping doesn't take the budget cuts and problem off the table. Maybe they don't save the money they need to with these school closings, but that just means there will need to be even MORE cuts and they will be more detrimental to the district. This is the biggest thing the district can do to save money that will come at the least expense of the students. If it's not enough, I don't see how that's a reason to keep the schools open, it only means we should brace ourselves to take even more steps backwards.

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Letters to the Editor

I wouldn't call anyone an idiot for having a different opinion or disagreeing and even though I might disagree with NanCrisp I can at least appreciate the amount of thought she put into her response. I do agree that fear tactics are a cheap and dishonest way to try and win an election. However, in this particular case, you see none of that coming from Tony Brown. He is running on honesty and letting his beliefs speak for themselves. I can't say the same at all about Gregory.

Torch, it's not really that funny and if you were there in person when she said this you would have heard 70 people gasp. I'm sure her intentions aren't a violent overthrow of Washington, but her choice of language at the very least is in poor taste. But I can't overlook the fact that she wants Kansas to govern itself by going against federal mandates and add in her stance on NO gun control, the comment really makes you wonder.

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School board revisits elementary school closings

Thank you Bloggerboo for having common sense. You guys can kick and scream and blame the school board all you want, but the truth is, the funding from the state and federal government is generally beyond their control. They have made endless cuts to trim the budget down, and are looking at closing the schools as a last option. They also debated about cutting Jr. High sports all together. Why would you cut sports for EVERYONE instead of relocating 200 kids? If you say sports aren't a big deal, you probably didn't participate in them while in school. I learned just as much from the sports I did and the coaches I had than I did in the classroom. Maybe what I learned wasn't quantifiable and won't win me trivial pursuit. But I also didn't learn much about working hard, determination, self-discipline, teamwork, etc. in the classroom.

I have a better idea, if we'd like to see an improvement of our public education, why don't we pay attention to who gets voted into office? Tony Brown has been in education, he has plenty of experience there. Also, improving education is one of his primary concerns. Yet I see a lot of TerriLois Gregory signs around town. Why? Besides the fact that there is virtually no information on this woman (even her own website is scary vague), she promises to cut taxes while also "caring about education". I'm sorry, but what do we expect to happen with all the tax cuts? Instead of voting for whoever promises to reduce taxes, maybe you should stop and think about the effect that will have on the already small school budgets. But I can see how this totally is a conspiracy by Dorathy to close the schools and pad his own pockets!

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School board approves Merle Venable Complex

So who would you rather have make the decision? Should they send out a mailer to every Baldwin High graduate ever? Seems like an inefficient way to accomplish the same thing.

Let me tell you something else. I went to Baldwin High in the past 10 years, not in the 70s and 80s, and I had the great experience of having Merle Venable as a substitute teacher. So before you go saying it's all about people reliving their old glory days, maybe you should stop and think. I never played football for the guy, but having him in the classroom and talking to him around the community has shown me there is nobody that better represents Baldwin High than Merle Venable.

It also amazes me that people can get so bent out of shape over something so trivial as naming a facility after someone. Have you ever heard of "picking your battles"?

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School board approves reduction in fee, suspension of senior projects

I not only did my senior project completely on my own, but I really enjoyed it.

I picked a project that related directly to something I enjoyed doing, and probably would have done regardless of it being for a school project or not. It turned out to be a very beneficial experience for me, one that was not only rewarding in terms of a sense of accomplishment, but paid off down the road as well. Turns out one of the judges was an admissions representative at Baker University. When I decided to transfer there, she really went to bat for me and made sure I received every dollar of scholarship money I could possibly get.

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Debunking 'Baker vote' myth

I knew several students who were for McCain... in fact one of the political science majors was interviewed for our campus media saying she supported McCain/Palin. Now I'm not sure how many of the McCain supporters voted here, if any.

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