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Electrical rates could be increasing 6 to 12 percent

Very well done. You are Torch.

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Electrical rates could be increasing 6 to 12 percent

Very well done. You're no average joe.

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11th Street fiasco ...........

Oh, boy, another "TheOnly" situation. Thanks for the laugh real defenestrator, but, no, it isn't me. There isn't any access to the old site that I know of, so he must be going by memory. That's at least three stolen identities that I know of.

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City council gives nod to new regulations

Just a clarification. Tom Farmer did not vote for relaxation of curbs/gutters/sidewalks in March. In the first vote March 1 to send the regulations back to the planning commission, it was a 3-1 vote to ask the commission to include curb/gutter/sidewalks requirements. Voting for that were Ted Brecheisen Jr., Tom Farmer and Mike Magers. Bonnie Plumberg voted against it and Robin Bayer was absent.

In the second vote on March 15, the council voted 3-2 against requiring curbs/gutters/sidewalks. The majority there was Plumberg, Bayer and Magers. In the minority were Brecheisen and Farmer.

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Storm leaves Baldwin City in the dark

I had .70 of an inch of rain out of the storm, how about anyone else? I'm sure I would have had more if my rain gauge was side-ways like the rain was. Wow, nasty storm.

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Old Auto Parts Building?

I think you mean the old Hoist Co. building. I've been told it's being fixed up for potential sale, but no buyer that I know of. I was just by there today and it is looking much better.

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School board hears budget-cutting numbers

I didn't say being overdrawn $300,000 was a good thing. I just said the money didn't go "missing" and used a quote from the school district attorney to show that.

The district had to tighten its belt then and made it. That was before the economy went sour and the state's revenue stream dried up, forcing these massive cuts to school districts.

The district and the school board are having the two community input meetings on April 8 and April 20, both from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. The board will also have its regular meeting on April 12 at 6:30 p.m. where patrons can voice concerns. All meetings are at the District Office.

I hope that everyone who plans to attend any of those meetings will take the time to read the fact-finding committee's report. It is now on the district's Web site at

Nothing has been decided yet and no recommendations have been made on what to do. But at least the information on what would happen if cuts are made is available. It's a moving target right now until the Legislature decides on school funding.

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School board hears budget-cutting numbers

Call them. E-mail them. Any type of communication. While I would hope school board members are following the discussion here, there are no guarantees.

But best of all, attend the school board meetings. Look at what patrons Leigh Anne Bathke and JoAnne Kite had to say at this past meeting. Their quotes are at the bottom of the story and are very good -- we're all in this together.

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School board hears budget-cutting numbers

This is the kind of discussion that is needed regarding the budget situation. I hope patrons will let school board members know their feelings.

I do want to clear up one piece of misinformation. No money went "missing" during the previous administration. The $300,000 shortfall was purely a matter of overspending. The following quote from Bob Bezek, the district's attorney, sums the situation up well. It's from the Aug. 17, 2006, Signal.

"This is not a case of taking any money, no suggestion of that at all," said Bezek. "Overspending your checkbook is not good, but it's not a criminal thing."

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Indasky would like to know...

Marital situation. No lock down. Nothing to see here, folks.

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