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Taco Hell

I am happy to report that I was just by Taco Bell and Pizza Hut and there is a work crew there working on the Pizza Hut parking lot. I talked to a crew member who said Taco Bell would be next.

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State track champions

The Baldwin High girls have made us all very proud again. Thanks, girls, your hard work has been rewarded. As for Z, he'll easily be regarded as one of the greatest coaches ever to grace the halls of Baldwin High. Great job, Ted, as usual.

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Which community event are you most looking forward to attending in June?

I hear you, loose, but the Battle of Black Jack anniversary is set by history -- 154 years ago. Unless they were fighting over garage sale items, I think they beat the city-wide garage sale by about 100 years.

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BHS baseball coach resigns

I've heard a lot of comments on this story in person. I'd like to hear more from Baldwin High players and parents, as well as others. Let's talk this out.

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State track blog: Day 2 — BHS girls take state

Awesome! Bulldogs win, Bulldogs win! Great job for them and great job by Jimmy.

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State track blog: Day 1 — Kehl improves school record, finishes third

Great job, Jimmy. Love the photo gallery. Keep up the good work on day two. Go Bulldogs!

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The severe weather predicted for the area Thursday night didn't quite develop, but it got close to B

It is a great shot and we appreciate Scott sending it. Anytime anyone gets a great shot like this, send it to us via the website's submit section or send it to me directly at Thanks, Scott, for doing that!

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School board discusses budget cuts, fee increases

Thanks for rumor control, Patty. That's a good thing.

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‘Preserving the past’: Lumberyard Arts Center completes phase one of construction

There is a lot of thanks to go around. It has truly become yet another Baldwin City treasure. Thanks, Baldwin City.

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Electrical rates could be increasing 6 to 12 percent

Very well done, Kermit.

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