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City council extends deadline for unsafe structure

No, that's not it, BaldwinDad. The building is currently owned by Sunflower Development LLC of Shawnee. However, one possibility is that the present owner will transfer ownership to the Baldwin City Development Corp. That's "whoever the owners might be" who get the extension.

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Single wing offense propels Bulldogs over Panthers

I don't know if you're the only one, Torch, but that doesn't happen on any computers I use. Could it be a browser thing?

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School board refinances 2001 bonds

That's true about the push for the 2009 bond issue for interest rates. However, what the school board refinanced Monday is from the 2001 bond issue.

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School board approves Merle Venable Complex

Thanks for the laugh, Torch. Actually, I agree with you. I think some day both Zuzzio and Spielman should have similar honors. Years after retirement, such as Venable.

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Baldwin City loses out on state trail grant

Actually, BaldwinDad, this does reflect the more than doubled price. Originally, the project was estimated to cost $240,000 to $270,000.

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Tony Curtis: A Meeting in the Desert

Interesting blog. Thanks for sharing.

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Douglas County under severe thunderstorm watch until 11 p.m.

This just in -- flash flood warning here, too. There has been 4 inches of rain at Vinland since about 6:30 p.m. Creeks are rising.

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Third grade moved to BESPC for 2010-2011 school year

You would be correct, sir, good catch. Thanks.

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Art Walk to feature ice cream, music

An e-mail this morning from the BCAC communications and promotions committee announced that the Community Band is not able to perform Friday night after all. Alternatives are being sought and we'll update this story with that information when it becomes available.

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School board won't vote on closing schools Monday night

Good comment, BaldwinDad. I hadn't heard of Backpack Funding. Interesting. I'll throw it out there. Might those Backpack Funding dollars go to the rural schools because that's where many parents want their children to go?

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