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School board lowers mill levy before approving 2011-2012 budget

I was just presenting facts that I witnessed from the previous meetings, nothing more or less. I'm not on either side of fence.


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School board lowers mill levy before approving 2011-2012 budget

Robin, the budget was approved for publication in July - pending approval from the Kansas State Department of Education. KSDE approved the budget for publication but with a slight increase in the LOB from what the board approved. Then the budget was published and approved Monday. The district's financial director explained all of this at Monday's meeting.
For the record, the district isn't changing anything it does for the LOB, it's still at 30 percent. But Dorathy explained at the July meeting that more districts around the state are increasing their LOBs, which is forcing the mill levy to go up, because more district's are wanting a piece of that state money.

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Bulldogs logging summer miles

Sorry for the typo. The quote is no reflection on Spielman. It was my mistake. It's been fixed.

Jimmy Gillispie

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BHS girls soccer program officially added for spring 2012

Yes that includes the cost of the coach. The cost of the coach and transportation are the 2 main costs to the program, I believe. The equipment - including uniforms, soccer balls and the field - are already in place.

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BHS girls soccer program officially added for spring 2012

Dan, this program will cost the district nothing for its first 3 years. After those 3 years are done, the program will be re-evaluated and possibly paid for by the school district. That's what happened with the co-ed soccer team, which will be boys soccer in the fall.

Jimmy Gillispie

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City council endorses County Road 1055 resolution

Sorry for the mistakes. They have been corrected online. They were fixed in the actual paper, but forgot to be corrected before going online - that's my fault.

Jimmy Gillispie

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USD 348 Performing Arts Center set to open ahead of schedule

The seating capacity is between 615-621. There were a few seats removed when they added stairs on both sides of the upper level seating because of state fire marshal regulations. Cooper was referring to the size of the stage when he said "it's huge."

Jimmy Gillispie
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Election filing deadline is noon Tuesday; Three filings Monday

Thanks Robin! I've been receiving emails from the county clerk's office about filings, but I didn't get one about Ed Kite.

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BHS girls open 2011 with road win at Eudora

Torch, it is very close! I opened the photo on photoshop and zoomed in 100% and it's still hard to tell. I think she might be 1/4 of an inch or less behind the line, but she could be 1/4 of an inch on the line. Either way, it was counted as a 3 haha!

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Signal readers invited to vote on 2010's top local stories

Bakerboy25, there will be a story on the top sports stories of the year in 2 weeks. They won't be voted upon, but there will be a story about those accomplishments. I do a top 10 sports stories every year and this year was a great one!

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