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Baldwin girls season ends one game short of state

Great season girls!

NEDemon - calm down! Baldwin has had many more talented teams than this year's squad and still not made it to state. This year's team probably out-played its talent level. Are there any girls on the team going to play basketball in college? It's quite impressive this team was able to play so well and win many games.

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Baldwin school board agrees to sell old elementary school

If the $400K was just for the one story part, then I apologize for my previous comment. I never heard how much it was appraised for, but I agree it's best to sell for a decent price and get rid of it.
BHS is an ok facility and the staff and students make it a great place to learn! I will say I wish the building looked a little newer or had more trophy cases or honored academic achievements on the walls or in trophy cases like the other area schools do. But that's a whole other issue I won't go any further into.

Jimmy Gillispie

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Baldwin school board agrees to sell old elementary school

I thought he did many good things to help the district, but that didn't change my reporting when I covered the school district with the previous superintendent. For many people, including yourself, it doesn't matter who is the superintendent, you won't be happy with them. I was just glad Mr. Dorathy and the school board were trying to improve USD 348. A lot of people, especially in Baldwin, resist change, but I was one who welcomed it as long as it improved the school district. And for the record, I didn't agree with everything Mr. Dorathy or the school board did!

Jimmy Gillispie

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Baldwin school board agrees to sell old elementary school

I agree with you straightforward - just be happy that it got sold and at a decent price. You can estimate a piece of property will sell for a certain dollar, but if no one is offering that much, then that estimate is a bit high.
As for only selling half, maybe that's all Lighthouse wanted. If so, then the $200K cost is for about half of the property, which means the cost is right on with the $400K estimate you heard. Also, the "old high school" as you call it, or "old junior high" when I was in Baldwin houses the District Office. If you sell it, they have to move or build a different building. The school board talked about that a month or 2 ago and like most things in Baldwin, people hated the idea of something new. Also the old gym houses the BHS wrestling and cheer squads. Sell it and where are they going to go?
I love how you people love to hate on Dorathy, it's ridiculous. Ya, no one will agree with every decision someone makes, but he took the district that was $300K in the hole and got it out. He also helped build a new elementary THAT WAS NEEDED!!! I've been to many surrounding high schools and they are so much nicer than what Baldwin has - it's quite sad. I went to BHS and I'm proud of what the students accomplish. I can only dream of what they might do if they had the buildings and equipment and facilities that other Frontier League schools have.

Jimmy Gillispie

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Trio of Bulldogs reach finals at state wrestling tourney

Baldwin High is not the Wildcats! BHS is the BULLDOGS!! Please stop calling them the Wildcats.

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City council OKs Santa Fe Market plans

Greyghost and Bloggerboo, sorry for the late reply. I haven't seen the plans, but I believe the car wash and landscaping will be to the north of the current building. Maybe slightly to the east, but there's not much room. At the meeting, Frank said he would not park the U-hauls in the landscaping area, because he has room in his parking lot. However, he might have one of them in the grass to advertise the business, but that's his personal business decision.
I hope that helps a bit.

Jimmy Gillispie

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STATE CHAMPS: 5 in a row for Bulldogs; BHS boys take fifth

I'm sorry Dave. You know I was on that team with you and wish we would have won too. Glad you keep supporting the Bulldogs.

Jimmy Gillispie

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Baldwin High football vs. Louisburg

If you click the photos, the next page will give credits. I took them, so thank you Highstreet!

Jimmy Gillispie

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School board gives nod to seek bids on ball field storage facility

The price wasn't discussed on Monday. I believe at the last meeting the board wanted to keep it under $50,000, but it might even be less than that for the entire cost of the project.
When it was first bid in the spring, it came in at more than $100,000. Then it was scaled back a bit to $80,000 and even further to around $65,000-$70,000, I think. The new board took over and wanted it much less than that and has been sizing it down and trying to spend much less of the extra bond dollars to build this storage facility.

Jimmy Gillispie

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School board lowers mill levy before approving 2011-2012 budget

Jvcvinland, that is correct. I'm sorry for the mistake. It will stay at 5 mills like last year.

Jimmy Gillispie

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