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Downtown Baldwin City dressed up for Festival of Lights

Chris Croucher works his butt off for this City and it saddens me to see him painted in such a negative light in this article. Seems like the point of this story was to make him look like bad. Shame on you, Mr. Jones.

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Saturday beer gardens new this year to Baldwin City fesival

The Beer Garden at Moni's at 711 High Street WILL BE OPEN ON SUNDAY!!!
This is a misprint

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Moni’s seeks to be more than restaurant

Good to see a business giving back!

@countrygirl - I think the article was about the restaurant giving back to the community, and not so much about their food. Maybe the next article will be about how AWESOME their food is - esp the seafood! They serve their entrees on a bed of wild rice smothered in lobster bisque - woohoo - so good - I found their menu, you can see their menu here:

worth the drive!

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Do you plan to vote on the April 5 election?

At this time, 37 people aren't planning on voting. WHY????? makes me sad

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