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Five county bridges up for replacement in next five years

Another perk. Our tax money at work to support the Glorified Intermodal and large amount of soon to be truck traffic through Baldwn.

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Intermodal could mean growth for Baldwin City

It is not that we do not want economic growth in this area. The intermodal will not be bringing that many permanent jobs. Of the 200 plus possible jobs that will be generated the majority will not be good paying jobs. The majority of this facility will be electronic and will not need much manpower.
Growth in Baldwin City is needed. However, this type of growth is not positive. Between 1500 and 3000 semis rolling slowly down 56 hwy should not be considered positive growth. I agree, the school district may want to reconsider closing down any schools. Possibly the district will grow from the 200 jobs created but not by much. I question how many parents will enjoy knowing their children are at risk everyday at recess taking in diesel fumes. This could cause some parents to reconsider sending their children to school a few miles out of town instead of a block from 56 highway.

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Have concerns about the changes the BNSF Intermodal will bring?

I mean "lose" not "loose". No pun intended loosecaboose.

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Have concerns about the changes the BNSF Intermodal will bring?

The Mayor will not be able to take this on his self. He needs the backing and pressure of concerned citizens in the community. Numbers speak in volume and the goal is to speak before it is too late. If people do not speak up now ultimately Baldwin will loose. There was a survey done asking the question in which community and areas would be most affected by the intermodal. I found it interesting that there were several responses coming from the Gardner and Edgerton areas that said Baldwin City. Driving through Baldwin is not the same as driving on one specific side of town. It is directly in the middle. Encouraging a new road from 56hwy to Desoto is an idea that has been brought up several times. The Sunflower Ammo Plant is sitting waiting for something to fill it's space.

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Letters to the Editor

I understand and agree that the intermodal will likely not go away.

The "negatively" things that we can possibly have some control on are the environmental impacts.

I understand this entire issue is hard to grasp as it is full of a lot of information. However, if you have some time take a look at the facts and the large scale of this project. It may open your eyes.

Not on the attack. No one is out to attack others on this but simply to get others to speak up and take some ownership in our taxes and our health. But I am wondering what your reality of the Edgerton intermodal is? Maybe you could add some informational facts that we are not aware of.

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Highway 56

Great to see you on here loosecaboose. If anyone can add a personal experience on here it is you. I agree, the railroad will do what it desires with or with out I35 interchange.

LSM, isn't there a "green" intermodal facility in california? If so how was this accomplished and are there any reports out on the environmental impacts of that particular facility? Does this facility have any green control over the trucks that enter or exit the facility?

And another question. I occasionally see No Truck Route signs posted on streets and smaller county roads. What conditions enable this to happen?

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Letters to the Editor

Please relax KL. You obviously have not been keeping up to date with this. HELP is little by no means and has many supporters from large organizations to individuals. We may not all agree on ideas but one thing that should be agreed on is to do what we can to ensure this facility does not affect us negatively.

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Highway 56

These are great questions. If anyone has the answers to these questions please pass on the links or information.

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Highway 56

Is this possible bypass to the south from KDOT or the City? Can the mayor or anyone else from the city elaborate more on this?

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Highway 56

I am not intending to be rude. Greyghost makes a good point. Jeff, what is your role on this sight and for this town? Honestly Jeff. Now is the time to get moving on this. Anything you can do to help? The archives are old and outdated. They are great to reference but new information, facts, and studies have been done since.

Linda, how can we get in touch with Don?

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