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Big turnout for city council, mayoral candidate forum

I really enjoyed Gary Walbridge explaining how he shopped for groceries in Lawrence because he thought the local grocery store's prices were too high. That's a great way to show support when you're the mayor.

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Signal wins 16 KPA awards

Congrats Jeff and staff. We all appreciate and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Don't drink too much at the awards ceremony.

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Five candidates file for city positions

If Baldwin City's "luck" is to get someone like Walbridge as Mayor then our town is doomed.

I think I'd prefer to have no luck at all.

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Five candidates file for city positions

I imagine our own Baldwin City version of Heinrich Himmler, who masquerades by day as our Director of Codes Enforcement, would be able to keep a watchful eye on them.

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Fire engulfs Baldwin City home


fire departments responded to a house fire in Baldwin City late Tuesday night.

The home, located at 1854 N. 250 Rd., was completely engulfed in flames, as thick plumes of smoke poured into the sky and parts of the home began falling to the ground.

Firefighters from the Baldwin City, Palmyra and Eudora Township fire departments were dispatched to the scene at 11:22 p.m. A tanker from a Johnson County fire district was seen about 2 a.m. The blaze was declared under control at 2:20 Wednesday morning.

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Baldwin School District voters give nod to bond issue

"Anyone who thinks the Gardner-area BNSF intermodal facility is not going to raise the housing demand and enrollment levels in Baldwin, while providing a high number of job opportunities, has not been paying attention."

Grey, I am certainly a believer, but please remember the study that the District released last year that stated there would be no significant growth from the project. This was seconded by the Landplan assessment by the City.

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Weather shines for festival

It seems to me that there ought to be a way of stirring the pot to get some different vendors in town. It really does seem to be the same stuff every year. So much so that it is really noticeable when something new shows up. This year's example was the really cool exagerated-perspective bird houses with the bright colors (to the best of my memory this booth wasn't here in previous years).

Also, I really do enjoy the parade, but something seemed less energetic about it this year. Maybe a contest for the best entry where the top winners get to elect which charitable organization gets significant cash donations (i.e. $500, $250, and $125 respectively). The prize could be paid to the JH/HS band if it won also, thus encouraging more of them to participate.

I really wish there was a way to encourage other kinds of educational presentations at the Festival, rather than the strictly commercial venue that it has become. For example, perhaps some companies could provide demonstrations of new green technologies (green roofs, biodiesel production), communications companies displaying gadgets and services, and maybe even some cooking demonstrations.

Just some ideas. In all likelihood it won't matter because now that the City management has been called out on their attempts to throw major roadblocks into this year's MLF, they will probably deny the permit for it next year. They are very spiteful like that and will look for any opportunity to punish those who oppose them.

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Lumberyard mess erupts at city council

OK, no gray area, huh? How come the City didn't just state that in their letter that there was absolutely no gray area and that the building wasn't to be used? Instead we get the Dingman/Rakes passive-aggressive b%#llsh@t that every business owner in this town has grown to know and hate so well. The message in the letters: "the city strongly advises against..." and "we will not stand in your way, but...."

Please explain to me why the City didn't feel it clear-cut enough to issue a firm 'no'?

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Lumberyard mess erupts at city council

Not really surprising. Let's see, which City employees drew complaints from this "mess"?:

Jeff Dingman - City Administrator
Bill Winegar - Director of Public Works
Tina Rakes - Director of Codes Enforcement

Now where have I read postings from lots of BC citizens about the ineptitude and unprofessional behavior of these folks? Hmmm, let me think...

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Pageant returns to festival

You've come a long way, baby. Nothing like a pageant where "looks don't hurt" to set the young lady on her way into the real world. Nice work, Maple Leaf.

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