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Baldwin school district's published budget has maxed out capital outlay mill levy but could change

Now, now. STOP paying attention! Cynde Frick clearly counts on the Board members being clueless. She certainly doesn't need a patron suddenly figuring out that she tries to overwhelm and distort (lie, actually) with lots and lots of numbers.

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Multiple departments battle 'complex' grassfire

Never knew that Adam Smith was a firebug, but it seems you are right.

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Baldwin school district's published budget has maxed out capital outlay mill levy but could change

Oh, Angry Ande, tell me it ain't true! Are you really yielding iron-fisted control of your bully pulpit? Perchance is this a subtle signal that you might not run again in 2013? Oh, just the thought of that possibility has brightened my day!

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Council urged to honor voters’ support for Baldwin City Library expansion


Please do the readers of your editorial a favor and disclose the amount of money that is currently in the Baldwin City Library capital fund.

Thank you,


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Multiple departments battle 'complex' grassfire

So let me make sure I understand you -- you think the local government should pick winners and losers in the food market? Yes, I am sure that is what I hear you saying.

Let me see if I am also tracking you. Because the guy has figured out how to operate his business (his livelihood) at a lower expense than a "brick and mortar" facility that the government should run him out of business because he poses some sort of existential threat to them. Yes, once again I am sure that is what you are saying.

Finally, I am fairly certain that you are saying that because the guy does not live within town he should not be able to transact business within town. If that is the case then there are several banks, a dollar store, a self-storage business, and no doubt a few restaurants that should be shuttered by the local government because the owners do not pay residential sales tax within City limits.

Methinks it's rather forward of you to assume that the guy isn't reporting his sales appropriately. Having been in business many years I can tell you that running a cash-based business does not a priori make someone a tax cheat. There are many, many business in our fine State, probably in our local area that have NO problem underreporting their sales. If the guy is underreporting then he will eventually be made to pay. The Kansas Department of Revenue tends to be pretty good at sweating out these types of things.

I think that you are doing a fine public service by pointing out if there are indeed complaints against said vendor, as adjudicated by a licensing agency such as the State health department. Apparently the complaints against him have not yet yielded an order for him to stop serving food. So I guess unless and until said time that happens, then then caveat emptor. But how 'bouts we let the old invisible hand take care of this matter, m-kay, thanks!

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Multiple departments battle 'complex' grassfire

Uh, you realize that the commenter in the LJW was being facetious, don't you (look at the time it was posted)?

I think the guy has exceptional BBQ. I would hazard a guess you are a restauranteur here in town. I would also hazard a guess that you would be the first to through a teabagger-style fit if the local "gubment" decided to come in and regulate your business in areas where it had no jurisdiction to do so. So why suddenly wanting the local government to meddle in what appears to be healthy, free-market competition?

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Baldwin City Council receptive to sculptors' public art proposal

Spring of 2013 positions occupied by Councilmembers Farmer and Plumberg are up for election. The Mayor position is also up for election.

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Baldwin USD 348 board gets early review of capital outlay budget

Tree removal, huh? These being the trees that were just planted two short years ago? These being the trees that weren't adequately watered with the $25,000 water bill for the PC last July? Why, you say, couldn't $25,000 properly water every tree on district property for, I don't know, an entire decade?

Oh, well that's because they decided to let an outdoor faucet run full for nearly a week. Then they tried to smoke it by the newly elected School Board by not telling them. Then they decided to stick it to the taxpayers by raising the operational mill levy at the very end of the budget negotiation process to pay for their wanton waste. Then, apparently, their "solution" to the high utility bills was to stop watering everything.

Every time we think it can't get more f'ed up, they prove us wrong by a mile.

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Council envisions elite bedroom community, business park in Baldwin City's future

Methinks that distinction will be quickly assumed by the planned Farmland Business Park, but yeah it was purposeful.

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Baldwin City once again to have Fourth of July community fireworks show

Glad the Council is feeling flush these days.

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