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Sweet tooth can find home in downtown Baldwin bakery

Let's just hope its better than the last Bulldog Bakery here in town. Those people were FLAKES.

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Douglas County Arts Caravan on the move

You have done a spectacular job of explaining why Baldwin is a dying community. Enjoy your declining property values.

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Dinner train move to Baldwin City planned for next week

Really? You're gonna walk back your prior aversion to "picking winners" by the local government because you met a couple of nice people at Maple Leaf? So much for core principles, eh? They may be the nicest folks in the world, and may really, really, really like trains. It still doesn't make it something worth the City investing in.

It troubles me more than just a little bit that somehow a dinner train got rolled into the strategic plan for our city. Kinda interesting that it wasn't a strategic thing a year ago, but now it just perfectly fits into what the Council views as the future of our town. This is a weak play at best. I'd say the $20,000 of City funds tied up in this could most definitely go toward better economic development than this shot in the dark.

All those Council members who read this and get angry with me, please take note. If this thing does go south I believe you owe it to the town to publicly admit that you were wrong, and then you should go on to state how you will avoid making the same kinds of mistakes in the future.

And 1776, I expect you to do the same.

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Dinner train move to Baldwin City planned for next week

Mark my word. Their last run will occur in the summer of 2013 and then the City will be fighting with the banks for "ownership" of 4 worthless dining cars. This is wishful thinking at its worst.

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Baldwin City Council complete visioning 2020 exercise

I guess I'm having a hard time swallowing the idea of "Destination City". I'd be interested in how much we paid for the consultant to help our City Council arrive at that conclusion, because anyone who has lived in this town for a decade or more knows that previous Councils had the vision of turning Baldwin City into another Westin Missouri. This drove lots of plans, including the downtown sidewalk stairs/ramps/rails project. Remember four years ago when that simple act was supposed to automatically cause more "destination" businesses to open downtown? We now appear to have only a single, open antique shop downtown (and really at the edge of downtown, not even serviced by the sidewalk/ramp project).

What I really suspect took place is that the whole "visioning" exercise didn't really do anything more than codify what certain Council members wanted prior to the exercise being undertaken. It seems rather silly to push all Baldwin City's chips on the table for a goal that has failed (spectacularly) to materialize after being the vision for as far back as 2002 or so. Nothing like banking on a completely recession-sensitive industry as the sole (or at least primary) goal for a town's economy.

Mark me down in the unimpressed column.

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Moni’s seeks to be more than restaurant

What I find a bit shocking is that the Signal would actually promote local businesses in this fashion. Myrick made a deliberate point of not mixing "journalism" with being a sounding board for local business messages. Given the industry's decline it's not surprising that Elvyn was probably told by his editor to do something like this. However, in fairness to all the other businesses that have been here over the years, I can't say I like it.

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Mexican restaurant to open in downtown Baldwin City

FWIW, I think number of critical violations for Mexican restaurants must be a direct correlation with tastiness. El Mezcal is awesome, and so is Buuito King, another habitual offender.

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Baldwin City teen gives voice to her passion

Bravo for Ms. Miley, but I think it's disengenuous to use the words Def Leppard and "musical talent" in the same sentence.

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Baldwin board approves 2012-2013 personnel assignments

Nice work, Signal staff! This table is easily as comprehensible as one of Cynde Frick's budget presentations.

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Baldwin school district's published budget has maxed out capital outlay mill levy but could change

Seems like I'm permanently prepared for former Board president to defend everything that the complicit Board allowed her good friend Dorathy to do.

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