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Kansas Belle on track for Baldwin City opening


It probably comes as quite second nature for you to speak in such idealistic terms, being one of the upper echelon of BC. Not everyone can claim to be an owner of a tractor dealership. So it's fine that you may wish to have a business that caters to the 1%, whether in BC or pulling in from Johnson County or elsewhere. The rest of us, who simply can't pony up for a $60 per plate dinner on any given Friday night, have a rightful say to be skeptical, if not outright in opposition to the City granting our tax dollars to such an endeavor. The amount of money spent on the City coffers on this flight of fancy may be almost pocket change to you, but let's face it, if $15,000 were put even toward signage on the highways to let people know there was a little "berg" out here on 56 highway with a nice university, beautiful small town charm, and neighborhoods that provided walkability to the post office and grocery store it would be a FAR BETTER investment (in my humble, but working-class opinion) than providing you with yet another opportunity to lavish yourself in faux opulence that those of us (who you so readily cast your aspersions upon) will never be able to know.


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Sixth Street barricades to come down Friday evening

Really, Jeff? You're gonna ask Nancy Crisp (apparently your mortal enemy) to run for City Council?

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Sixth Street barricades to come down Friday evening

Ain't just east of 6th street.

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Kansas Belle on track for Baldwin City opening

Go ahead and mark this prediction by hyperinflate -- they'll be trucking out the rail cars by no later than March 2014 as payment for debts owed.

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Council approves extension of Lawrence water contract

Your logic and reasoning are spot-on. The problem is that the 40/60 split you mention is probably closer to 60/40, weighted toward debt service for infrastructure. This can be chalked up to the skinflints of the prior generation who invested NOTHING in infrastructure (not surprisingly that's what's got the electric utility in an upside-down situation also). So this creates a perverse economic circumstance where the district cannot sell enough water at a "reasonable" margin to make the debt payment. That's why the water is retail-priced comparatively high to other surrounding areas yet they still had to dip into reserve funds last year to make everything balance.

How about settling for what might only be a token reduction and pay down the debt? Isn't that the mantra for all things politic these days anyhow?

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City to help make Festival of Lights more festive

Anyone else notice that ever since Mr. Lowe joined the city that we seem to have adopted an "open checkbook" policy? No one is turned down in their civic request.

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Council approves extension of Lawrence water contract

Yeah, Brainiac. The water district has debt service for this magic thing called "infrastructure". It also should have some money in savings to pay for those things that happen unexpectedly, like water main breaks through the wetlands.

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Lawrence water rate agreement on tonight's Baldwin City Council agenda

Oh stop it! You're killing me! :)

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Board agrees its time to get agressive about selling Chapel Street buildings

Wow. Leadership at its finest. Way to go, Paul. Nothing like reading about things "going nowhere" year upon year. Oh, by the way, for those who want to chalk this up to "**it happens", the community has been screaming at the Administration and the Board to do these things for years upon end now. Amazing. You sit on your thumb for several years and now you discover you have a building that needs significant masonry and roof repairs. Bet that'll make it sell for a premium.

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Sweet tooth can find home in downtown Baldwin bakery

I wish the Garrets the very best of luck. This is a hard town to make it as a retail establishment. Especially downtown. Especially a bakery.

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