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Tonight’s debate at McKibben was well attended and as expected slightly more for the incumbent Dr. Brown. Many of the teaching staff and students that support him were present. Miss Gregory had some supporters on hand to cheer her on and none were disappointed from either side. The questions were well formed to help those in attendance understand the two points of view and I hope, coming away from this debate, it sparked enough interest to check the incumbents voting record and decide if they line up with that persons point of view. I applaud Dr. Brown for stating he supports abortion but this totally is against all I believe in. Life begins when cells begin a process of meiosis and thus is the true definition of life. Murder is the human derivative of ending that process. Life is ended from the giver of life thus murder regardless of motive. I applaud Miss Gregory for standing up for the silent small life that is begun. Yes I am a conservative but I could also say I am a Christian and a Constitutional supporter. I believe in small or limited government and fiscal responsibility. Government should never be directly involved telling people how they should live outside the original constitutional rights. Thank You Miss Gregory for your stand for the people and a heart for our State and Nation.

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Brown elected to KHC director board

Of what worth is this committee? So tell me how this group supports our American Heritage that is based on Christian values. Does supporting humanities in this group hold fast to your views on abortion?

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