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Brandon misses the enitre point and actually makes no argument - just a bit of a snarky commentary that he disagrees with his perception of what is being discussed. But, that's okay. Not many of us can say that we had much of a large vision at his age. Life experience is what usually allows one to look at a big picture. I'm sure that eventually, Brandon will get there.

I don't think there has been much discussion of bad eduction at the BES-PC or IC. What people are worried about is what is going to happen when class sizes increase. We are worried about the evidence that we continue to have a non-forward looking school board. We are upset that a small contigent thinks it's just fine to change the basic goal of providing stellar education to our younger kids (which, I might add, was one of the major "selling" points of the unnecessary bond passed last) and that two high-level schools are facing closure due to pure and unadultered stupidity.

Here's one part of the scoop: You got to take advantage of a good education while attending elementary school in Baldwin. This drive to close the two rural schools in question diminishes that opportunity for my small children.

The ability to be effectively sarcastic is amplified when one begins with an accurate premise. You haven't quite gotten the first part down.

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Rural School Closings

I am not talking about the issue of different money. Shockingly, I understand that situation.

I am referring directly to your lack of consistency and level of "all about me and mine" which - even if overly common in our society - is shameful.

Our schools have had the luxury to overindulge in the offerings they have provided to our children and their ability to create administrative positions and that time is over. It's time to focus on stellar education. The time to expect the school to provide optional activities (which you, as a parent could choose to provide yourself if it weren't inconvenient) is over - for now, at least.

Additionally, the list of priorities the BOE has delegated this "savings" is weighed down with unnecessary and untimely raises. Before you get your undergarments in a wad, I am not necessarily referring to teachers - although perhaps this in not the time to be overly generous.

You, my dear blog, are firmly settled on the side of bloat and I am firmly settled on the side of paying for the wisest investment. The happy circumstance of your kid being able to take a conveniently scheduled bus to their optional sporting event doesn't begin to compare to the importance of providing a good educational base for our elementary students. And yes, the increase in class sizes will do that. I have never run across a study which indicated otherwise - have you?

You keep talking about these two very small schools. What you seem to not understand is the consolidation of these two schools (which based on the promises the BOE made shouldn't happen, anyway) directly affects the school children here in Baldwin. Apparently, your kid(s) have been happy to utilize those pretty good services and now that they've moved on, you think it's okay to sacrifice that opportunity for others.

I am not pinning all my hopes of a comfortable retirement on one of my children going pro...or my significant other losing their job because they are involved in a disposable coaching position. I'm not sure why you've chosen your short-sighted position, but it really smacks of being personally based and somewhat desperate.

I stand behind "...hugely detrimental..."

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Rural School Closings

You say "...I am sick of folks saying we need to cut sports and funding rather than making the smart choice and consolidating schools. We are wasting money on only a few students that could be used for other things. Sports is one of those things I happen to think is very important."

I say you are not advocating a reversal of wasting money on only a few students. You advocate the absolute reversal of the early educational goals given to the voters by the BOE. The closing of these two rural schools will be hugely detrimental to the education of all of the existing students at the PC and IC.

This is much, much bigger than your kid's sports program.

It's actually quite funny. You were the bully in the room about how important this unaffordable bond was and how it was of such benefit to "the children", but now you think it's just fine to chuck the main selling points of that away now that it's been implemented. I mean, didn't you sell people on how many teachers would leave if they didn't get their state of the art facility?

I wish you would stop throwing my children's education under the bus just because you think your kid suffers inconvenience at the school you have choosen to send them to.

Sheesh. You're not the only one who's feelin' sick.

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Rural School Closings

"Many of our finest teachers are coaches."

Dear God. Did you actually attend junior high or high school? Maybe this is the problem when it comes to your intellectual ability to understand the real issues brought up regarding the proposed academic sacrifice of our elementary school kids.

I believe a significantly more accurate statement would be something like this:

"There are some coaches that are fine teachers."

Additionally, your apparent argument that sports medicine, sports broadcasters, sports commentators, sports agents, etc., etc would cease to exist if Baldwin cut some athletic programs is hilarious.

Disabling the educators ability to educate, however, could definitely create some real local issues...like lots of "our" kids growing and relying on public aid to sustain themselves because they are UNEMPLOYABLE due to a LACK OF EDUCATION.

Additionally, in case you didn't know, there are119 available jobs posted on the Kansas Education Employment Board (www.kansasteachingjobs.com) as of today. There are 23,395 applicants. Could you please clarify exactly where you think these dissatisified coaches/teachers are going to go? Inner city NYC? Middle of Nowhere South Dakota? They might need teachers there but it's clear that they don't need many in Kansas.

Arrrgh!! I have got to stop reading this crud!

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Baldwin Bullies

We should all discount blog. Addressing her lambasting of all who don't enthusiastically embrace her posts indicates she has something of importance to say.

On point, however, I would like to say that I had three siblings that were bullied - two of them rather mercilessly. My parents tried to help them figure out how to deal with it but didn't actually address the school until my sister was stabbed in the arm with a pencil by one of her worst tormentors. Of course, this was in the late 70's, and nothing was really done about that incident. I guess the attitude was kids will be kids and pencil stabbing was nothing to get upset about. I truly think my parents didn't know what to do. They worked with their kids to try to teach them how to diminish the bullying, they finally went into the school and then they had no clue what to do from there.

I have different ideas about things. I take my role as protector and advocate for my children very seriously. I've never understood parents who are timid about addressing issues with any educator/administrator. Frankly, it is their job to make sure that my child is educated and safe while in their care. We all know where the funding for public education comes from and seeing as the employees of our school districs are public servants, I, as one of their employers, expect that they will do their job. If not, they will not have the opportunity to care for my child - or to collect the state funds that come with that responsibility. They will also have the opportunity to deal with a lawsuit regarding their negligence in providing a safe learning environment for my kid(s).

I'm pretty easy going about life in general, but not about this - probably in part due to the damage that was done to my siblings. It is only right to give the schools an understanding of what is going on with one's child and allow them to address the problem. If not addressed, I'm not one who would be willing to sit around saying "well, there's nothing I can do..." because there is a lot to be done. There are also precedents being set all over the county (Tonganoxie, in fact) holding schools responsible for curtailing bullying. It is becoming a real liablity issue and costs them money.

Sad how it all goes back to the money, isn't it?

However, I'm not sure what we can expect from kids when parents have turned their parenting responsibilities over to the entity of public education...which, quite frankly, has become more of a situation of public warehousing. I really feel for any teacher who is trying to be an effective educator today.

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School board hears concerns from patrons

FYI: The high sales tax at the Legends was implemented as a kick back to the developers involved in order to diminish the costs to create the required infrastruction of said developement. Same in the new development in Lawrence at 6th and Wakarusa.

What in the heck does that have do with our schools? Not a thing.

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Brown, Gregory to debate issues at community forum Oct. 13

Maybe she doesn't share our addiction for superfluous commentary :).

Also, regardless of ideology, I've got a lot of respect for someone who is willing to go door to door and pound the pavement. I've had flyers delivered to my mailbox, I've had some supporters/volunteers come by to hand out candidate information, I've even gotten phone calls (blech) but I do not ever, ever recall a candidate knocking on my door to talk to me personally. Usually it's just those juvie young adults that someone has bussed in so they can try to threaten me into buying a magazine subscription.

It's too bad Terri Lois had a few less than optimal encounters with some people. On one hand, it's not hard to imagine she'd had a difficult day considering what she's doing, but that creates a unfortunate image that's clearly hard to shake.

I still think her personal campaigning style is pretty great.

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Brown, Gregory to debate issues at community forum Oct. 13

To clarify: I won't be voting for anyone based on what someone else has said. I just stated there was a temptation, not a determination. Don't worry :).

Also, to pick apart and imply moral failing in regards to divorce that we know nothing about is not commonsensical. I can speak from my own experience and surely others on this board could as well. What about the spouse that has an affair and leaves for their lover? The "good guy" who over a few years of the marriage developed a problem with alcohol and violence (true story)? The variations are endless and sometimes, the fault is not spread around evenly. Do I want to vote for a politician who has provided evidence of moral failure? No. Do I assume that every person who has been divorced evidences moral failure? Also no.

Terri Lois came by our house and since I have a passing acquaintance with her, it was nice to see her. Her issues are not necessarily mine, however, and she didn't have adequate information to specifically address the concerns I have with current leadership. She presented a good case, however and was charming and appeared sincere in her belief that she could make a difference...which is something I like in a person, political affiliation nonwithstanding.

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Brown, Gregory to debate issues at community forum Oct. 13

This is getting funny. Okay, so a candidate got a speeding ticket and a documented divorce. Yea gads. The horror of it all.

I'm afraid this comment thread has become too ridiculous - even for me. Lots of luck in pushing your candidate. Please note the snarkiness makes me really, really, really want to vote for the person you oppose :). I wonder if I'm alone in this desire.

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Brown, Gregory to debate issues at community forum Oct. 13

Actually, lots of people aren't for God and/or for guns. Isn't the appearance of our candidates at these sort of forums one way they answer questions and present their points? I suppose she could also stand at the street corner with a bull horn, but I'm not sure that the noise ordinance Mark Dunn ran afoul of would permit it :).

Plus, it seems as though she is for more than "God and Guns." According to Terri Lois's website she:

"I am endorsed by the Kansas Chamber of Commerce , National Federation of Independent Business, and the Franklin Co Tea Party, showing I support a leaner more efficient government and lower taxes so Kansas businesses stay in the state - keeping jobs. Reasonable state spending and lower taxes is the key to creating an environment that attracts businesses and creates jobs. In this race for who will represent you in Topeka the choice is clear"

Nor does her website state that she's been in the 10th Distric for any length of time. AND, just because you brought it up, I have perused her photos. Frankly, she doesn't look anything but fluffy (read ample) in any of 'em, but her hair is done and she has a good make up job. Perhaps there has been a filter used on one. There are clearly recent pics posted, so I can't even figure out the lack of trust on that one. I don't see anything there that's indicative of anything other than a woman who knows how to present herself in an attractive fashion.

I also am a bit confused about all the slamming about her name. What's up with that? So she has a few names...my mother (bless her creative little heart) gave me four...and then there was my silly choice to hyphenate during my first marriage (five, count 'em) and the failure of that since that choice was not a good one, then back to my maiden and then to another since I married again.

It's not the questions I find odd, it's the virulence regarding these weird accusations I find confusing.

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