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Baldwin district considering technology fee with iPad introduction

Really? The school distrit foists the pads on us and then wants families to supplement the cost of having them? Come on.

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Utility bills

Hyperinflate, you and I share the same sense of humor, apparently. I just luuuuv those who happily spend everyone else's money but whine and cry when they have to spend their own to take care of themselves. Here I've often thought Blog would be much happier in Johnson County, but perhaps one of the more socialist countries would be a better choice. Sweden, perhaps?

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Utility bills

No cost is too high to ensure perfect comfort for the kids - right, Blog? Better turn your air back up. It's for the kids.

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USD 348 board debates location of ballfield storage facility

I would suggest the tunnel should also be heated in order to ensure the utmost comfort for those using it. Additionally, after it is built, "we" should realize that the lights are placed in the incorrect locations, that maybe a tunnel requires ingress and egress and that the city should be responsible for providing a high-tech and expensive solution to keep the maraudering cows out.

Outdoor athletic facilities = maintenance. Maintenance = storage facilities. Athletic facilities that were planned and implemented with no thought to storage facilities = lack of planning.

Watch out for those paper bags, Blog!

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USD 348 board debates location of ballfield storage facility

Every time I read one these articles detailing the thought process of the BOE I want to bang my head on my desk!

Has anyone - just one person - involved in any of the decisions regarding the IC, the PC, the old PC, athletic facilities or any other project undertaken by a BC BOE ever consider doing any planning prior to implementation?

Who was responsible for the snafu that meant the sewer line had to be moved twice?

Geez Louise. I'm glad none of these folks have ever been lost in a paper bag.

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Vacant school, district property stirs interest from various groups

"The school district property...has officially been for sale since early November."

“I think our biggest thing is trying to put a price on it... It’s tough to put a price tag on it.”

This makes no sense at all. The property is for sale and has been for three months. Yet, there is no asking price? Yup, I would certainly say that it will take a pretty long time for anything to happen in regards to a sale. Mr. Dorathy happens to be correct on this point - finally.

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Slates set for spring elections

I don't think BaldwinDad is spiteful, ignorant or a hater. I think that he sees many problems in how our schools are run and how our local government makes it's decisions. Is there a problem with that? I mean, our country was pretty much based on personal dissatisfaction with the status quo and activism - and we do have legal rights (although diminishing daily) to express our opinions...even those that state a fellow user is "...spiteful, ignorant..."

Of course, I agree with a whole lot that BD says, so maybe that's why I find him to be somewhat of a voice of reason in this town.

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Slates set for spring elections

Apparently, there is yet another professional politician in the making in Baldwin.

Mr. Bayer, I don't think that's what we need. In fact, a whole lotta 'round-about talk and apparent lack of transparency is one thing that has really hacked people off about the existing BOE and the current administrator...however, you have just done a great job showing your skill in those areas.

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Time for Baldwin City residents to Take Charge

Perhaps it should be noted that CFLs contain mercury and should not be dumped in one's trash. Additionally, if a CFL breaks, the clean up is entirely different than the clean up of an "old school" light bulb. CFLs should be recyled, although I have no clue as to what facility in the area accepts them - or if there even is a facility that is capable of processing them appropriately.

It drives me crazy that one rarely sees any sort of mention of the contamination dangers of CFLs within the many recommendations made to use them.

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School board closes rural elementary schools by 5-2 vote

BaldwinDad, there are many opportunities for home schooled kids to interact with others beyond just the local Parks and Rec stuff. A quick web search on local associations will give you lots of options. Plus, there is an absolute wealth of online resources for homeschoolers and homeschoolees :).

I vote everyone hit the BOE where it hurts the most and evaluate other options than the BES when it comes to providing education for their kids. We are. Our three little "cash cows" are going elsewhere.

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