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Gunshots reported at Baker University; no injuries reported

I didn't know the Morris twins were in Baldwin over the weekend!

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Electrical rates could be increasing 6 to 12 percent

That was awesome.

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Electrical rates could be increasing 6 to 12 percent

Nancy I don't get on here that often but every single time I do you are complaining about something. You must be a bitter old lady.

I hope to see all your names when I go to vote next time for our city counsel/mayor. If everything is so bad here all of you should step up, run for office and show us that you could do it better. I doubt that happens though, griping about it is so much easier.

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The Teen With The Gun

This school has really gone down hill the last couple years. I don't know whats happening but as a BHS Alum I hate to see it.

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Letters to the Editor

Well done. Well done.

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Letters to the Editor

Somebody always has something to complain about. If you don't like it join the committee and help out. My guess is they had some crappy craft that they thought was great that got rejected. Give me a break. I couldn't agree with Baldwin Dad more.

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Keep an eye on your cats!!

While I think its terrible that somebody is stealing your cats, don't you think 6 cats is a bit much?

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Debunking 'Baker vote' myth

I was probably a little too harsh on you in my last post so I appologize for that. You do make some good points that I think should be heard but you have two things going against you.
1) Because you are a Baker student you're being lumped in with this Danielle girl that came off as a complete idiot. I for one just checked this, read all the threads and blasted into you when she was really the one that made the outrageous comments.
2) Your comment to the tune of "I don't want to spend my $500 dollars but I'll spend your $500" is going to push A LOT of people the wrong way. In an earlier post somebody asked if we thought this was just spillover from what is happening on the Federal level and I believe that it is. People are just tired of being taxed for every little thing. When property taxes are going up a new track doesn't seem like a good use of money. Though you might think that a new track is a great idea you have to understand that a lot of people don't.

I think its great that the youth of America is getting more involved with the political process and yes if you're 18 you have every right to vote. My problem is that, unlike you, most of the Baker Students will come to Baldwin, get their degree and leave. There vote is equal to somebody that is 40 years old and will live here for the rest of his/her life.

When I was in school I obstained from voting on local issues as I wasn't planning on being in that city for long. Why should I have a vote that will decide something for members of the community that were there before I arrived and still there after I left? By all means vote for president, thats something that everyone deals with, no matter where you live, but my thought is leave the local elections to the locals.

Kal, this doesn't apply to you. You grew up in Baldwin, you have family and a vested interest in the city. Though I don't agree with your vote I'm happy you took the time out of your day to excersise your right to vote. I know your professor is going to be mad and complain that Baker students are part of this community and he's right but most of them won't be part of the community in 5 years.

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Debunking 'Baker vote' myth

The reason that kal is so fired up about all this is because his Dad is on the school board. I know who he is.

You're out of your league here and are just making yourself look like a spoiled brat. I can appreciate that you are trying to improve your quality of life and you should be applauded for that but your comments are causing you to lose credibility amongst us adults.

Until you own a home and have to actually pay taxes that are lifestyle altering, (sales tax doesn't count) leave this to the big boys and girls. In the meantime go back to your parents house, mow their grass, cook them dinner and tell them thank you because it seems like they do pretty much everything for you. Hopefully we'll see you again when you're living on your own dime, not Mom and Dads.

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June Skews Numbers a Bit

Jeff Myrick:
This is ruining speakout. Can you please make this stop???

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