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Baldwin City couple turns to medical marijuana as lifeline for 2-year-old son

I hope this works for your son! You are great parents to give him a chance. Best of luck!

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Kansas Belle on track for Baldwin City opening

$60.00 for dinner - per person?? Absolutely not! I hope you market this well to people who are willing to spend that to eat and come to Baldwin. Good luck....

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School board hears budget-cutting numbers

When I was a child, I lived in Colorado and we had a four day school week. It was very difficult. We went to school Tuesday - Friday with Mondays off. We had slightly longer days in order to make up the time we were off. In addition to that, we lived in a rural area. I was on the bus to school by 5:30 am and I would not get home until after 6:00 pm. It was very hard as a young child to do this. In additon to the long school hours, there were still chores to be done on our farm and homework to be done for school. As someone who has expereinced a four day week, my advise is to not make this change.

On another note, this is very difficult for child care. On the Mondays we did not have school, my mother had to pay for daycare only one day a week. However, finding someone to take your children only one day a week is very hard. Child care providers have a limit to the amount of children they can care for and would have to hold a spot for that child, even though it is for one day a week. This could prove to be quite a problem finding care, especially in a community as small as Baldwin.

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