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For Sale

hahaha, genius.....pure genius

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City will change policy on utility nonpayment

the average yearly utility bill is probably are 200-300..i'm a person who had rough times i can tell you a few things..
-like they said in the article..most of the ppl have the money..they are just spending in on things they don't need (cigs and booze), they are going to take advantage werever they can
-once you get behind a few hundred dollars, how can you expect to ever pay it back.. especially with the average payment being hundreds of dollars, might as well shut off power and kiss your/our money goodbye
-some ppl do need a break, but give one, give all

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Signal's new Web site is here

i realize their all sister papers, but do they all have to be the same.........aren't we suppose to teach individuality.....not that it applies to paper..but it's nice looking at different papers and not 8 that look the same

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Signal's new Web site is here

now i have to look at the urinal world..i mean jurnal world twice a day....likd it better b4

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