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City, partners seeking grant for historic depot upgrades

See what you did there, Mr. Attorney?

Jones down-bumped this story because of your critical analysis of his/her reporting--or lack thereof.

As far as the for-profit business referenced in this story, I think it is just another instance of businesses profiting off the backs of the taxpayers in this state. I don't like the trend. I hope this fact is not overlooked within the pages of the grant proposal.

Whether, or not, you think my opinion is "not what Baldwin is about," is fairly meaningless to me.

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Baldwin school board starts conversation on staff concealed carry, armed guards in schools

Dorathy started the conversation on conceal-carry in schools? Hahahahahhahhh
Even thinking this is worth talking about really speaks about the character of the person heading our school district.

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Ideas sought for Baldwin City statue

John Brown!

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City, partners seeking grant for historic depot upgrades

I like how the for-profit entity is putting up the least amount--but, of course, being very cooperative.

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Tonight's BHS games last to be played at different venues

Actually, you might want to plan on having the Ottawa v. Baldwin game at Collins--it's going to draw the crowd.

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Baldwin USD 348 agrees to donate easement for expanded KDOT project

This intersection has been a topic for some time now--yes, although it is only a problem because of lack of foresight from the school boards of past. Its safety does need addressed. Think of it as "leaving it better than how you found it" mantra. Hopefully, we will be widening the bridge by 11th Street in order to deal with the bottlenecking that happens there. The bridges further west have nothing to do with the safety of this intersection.

As far as the previous two posters, I agree that we should not lose sight of our city center (and its infrastructure), but remember that we just had the downtown revitalization/bridge project completed a few years back. So, the argument falls short.

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Baldwin school board moves to refinance bond debt

So .......

What are the five options given by Dorathy?

Good job by Piper Jaffray--way to look out for the interests of the tax payers here in the Baldwin District!

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Sixth Street barricades to come down Friday evening

You just proved hyper correct. No one would be flattered to be confused with Jeff--except for Jeff.

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Sixth Street barricades to come down Friday evening

You got us there nwyt. But, I bet that gravel road is in better shape than the asphalt they just laid by Callahan Liquor and the trailer park--that is just asinine.

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