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Kansas Belle on track

Ahhh ... It's unfortunate to see that TLG is still involved in this town.

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Council seeks grant for trail

The trail idea sounds great--although I don't know who the users will be of this particular path.

Instead, can we try to complete a trail out to Douglas State Lake? Half of it is already built, as in there already exists a great sidewalk going out north on Sixth Street to the lake road. Let's finish it off instead of creating a park to park trail.

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"Baker grad returing to perform at school’s spring coral concert"

Baker student's, while on spring break, harvested quite a bit of endangered coral from the Gulf of Mexico. They will be performing a concert very soon--using the coral as musical instruments.

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Canvass makes official Pearse's election as Baldwin City mayor

"Deputy County Clerk Benjamin Lampe said the day following there were 20 provisional ballots were cast in the contest, enough to swing the election to Mock, who trailed Pearse by 13 votes in the unofficial totals."

Were provisional ballots cast the day following election day? Or, did Lampe say, the following day, that there were provisional ballots cast? I'm confused.

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Baldwin USD 348 superintendent wary of state, federal actions

Okay. Thanks for the response. For me, your post raises more questions than it answers--questions that would be best answered by the district administration or school board.

Is Morford no longer employed by the district? The district website still has him listed:

Will the district hire a new systems engineer?

Will the new engineer have the aptitude to take over the support of the district's software?

Does Hemphill or Linenberger have the aptitude to support the district's software?

What will the contract price be in 2015-2016, and years after, if the Reflective Group cannot successfully market the district's software? According to Bosch, having Morford develop and support this software in-house has saved the district many thousands of dollars per year. Did the district think of what RG would be charging the district if they cannot market the software?

So, it is completely plausible that if the district replaces Morford with a new systems engineer and RG is unsuccessful in marketing this software to other customers, then we will be paying an employee of the district to sit by and watch RG charge the district tens of thousands of dollars for something that he/she should be doing in exchange for his/her salary.

But, at least we would be doing business with a private enterprise that loves small towns .....

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Baldwin USD 348 superintendent wary of state, federal actions

Yeah--there are many things underhanded about this contract, but at least the underhandedness will benefit a local company that is partly owned by the person who is being underhanded.

Please run for school board!

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Baldwin USD 348 superintendent wary of state, federal actions

It's an uncomfortable question if your name is Dorathy or Morford--or if you're one of the few people in this town that agree with every decision that comes out of the district administration, carte blanche.

Just thought I'd stoke the coals to see if any flames flared up.

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Signal honored in annual Kansas Press Association contest

Best Newspaper Website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Baldwin USD 348 superintendent wary of state, federal actions

Also, who is Ruth Busby?

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Baldwin USD 348 superintendent wary of state, federal actions

Crafty way of getting a no-bid contract here.

I should also ask an uncomfortable question: If the software was originally developed in-house, on school property, using school equipment, and on school pay, shouldn't this continue to be property of USD 348? Or, should it just default to the personal property of the school employee's LLC?

Did Morford develop this software as a partner in this LLC, or as the systems engineer for the district?

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