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My oh my what is this

Let me clarify. Default occured as in not making the payments due on a contract for deed. This is not exercising a right to walk away, its called not owning up to your financial obligations. But then a history with "party M" of not living up to contractual obligations does exist. But more about that later...wouldnt be any fun to wash all the laundry at once now would it...

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My oh my what is this

To Kermie-PZ
Oddly enough at most levels ones financial ledgers, business dealings, overall integrity, and activities are a good bell weather of an individuals true character. After all would you put a person that cant balance there own affairs in charge of the cities?
To answer your questions yes it is VERY relevant and VERY important. This is not flinging hate or being vindictive this is called shining light on a persons true character.

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My oh my what is this

The "joker" that I saw putting the signs on the property was Mr. Lawrenz himself. Further if you cared to have a conversation with the Lawrenz's they would be happy to fill you in on the details of this little land deal. Donkey George was purchasing the land on a contract for deed...and he defaulted due to lack of payment. I think the hard hitting journalists with the Signal should do an article on this dont you think?

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Three file for mayor's race; five for city council

Nancy meus penuriosus misguided fossor. Narro est mortuus quod is est solus venue left nobis. Vestri utor of a lingua vos cant vel laudo rectus permissum unus narro vere ostendo vestri ignarus.

I will leave you to chew on that one. Trying to use a language you dont comprehend let alone speak is very amusing.....

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Three file for mayor's race; five for city council

Now Now Nancy calm thyself. We wouldnt want you to become overwrought and rave away like a maniac here on speak late....

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Three file for mayor's race; five for city council

Wow nancy we remember when you voted with your feet on the Maple Leaf festival chair. Im sure your level of commitment matches the aforementioned person. Sort of kindred spirits of the "waters are rough lets bail" mentality.

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Three file for mayor's race; five for city council

Mature? in showing that quality of maturity?
Lets take a look at the definition of that for a moment.

"Maturity is a psychological term used to indicate that a person responds to the circumstances or environment in an appropriate manner. This response is generally learned rather than instinctual. Maturity also encompasses being aware of the correct time and place to behave and knowing when to act in serious or non-serious ways." From Wikipedia definitions.

Uh...nope try again donkey george ya missed the mark on that one....

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Two candidates file for council; one withdraws

Ok since you opened the door for discussion lets approach it this way. Do you think that public leaders should take there oath of office seriously? Do you think a thoughtful person will consider family and obligations prior to running? And that if priorities change he should honor his promise made to his friends, his enemies, his community, regardless of what changes in his personal world?. Do you trust someone that talks to both sides of a situation and promises both the moon and stars then seems perplexed when he cant appease both? And that the only logical solution is to bail out. THEN wants that trust extended to him again?
Cranky the stakes are two high and the consequences are way to serious to have a showboating baffoon as mayor. We cant afford nor survive someone that is running for limelight and ego not our communities welfare. Back slapping and a donkey bray for a laugh isnt going to get our city back on track. A donkey laugh....humm....donkey fitting....

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Two candidates file for council; one withdraws


Your not alone in having a long memory. And no amount of grinning and obnoxious laughing is going to save your hide. We know what you are, and we will make sure that everyone gets the full 360 degree view of you. Bailing on the council, the cops, and the public trust is going to cost you dearly.....

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Five candidates file for city positions

Obviously you didnt know Phyllis she was a hoot. Your an angry little fellow arent you? You dont like ranting? You dont wanna play strip poker with maple leaf. Sounds like you possibly have a gambling problem. Wow you do have some issues. BTW which candidate are you saying is positive, and forward thinking? Oh last comment when you mention walbridge setting thru boring meetings, Do you realize what an impressive record of absenteeism he has managed to rack up in four years?

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