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The Run-up to Tomorrow's Election - Discussion Thread

A small recap of this election

The cost of filing for the position of mayor.....$5.00.

The cost of free shakes given out in exchange for votes at the athletic club....$300.00

The cost of hundreds of signs for mayor...$1,500.00

The cost of a desperate last minute email to Baker students begging for a vote.....10 cents.

The look of utter shock on "Donkey George's" face when he realized he didnt con the majority of people in Baldwin to believe he was a great guy ....PRICELESS...

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Man, you hate it when these pesky PUBLIC records turn up right before an election

Well guess we need to break out some pretzels, popcorn and drinks and await the next skeleton to fall. Since there is no doubt we wont run out of them any time soon.

Which by the way Donkey George, spoke to your sign vendor that made your propaganda signs...they havent been paid for either and would like to be reimbursed. Just a little FYI.

See Donkey this is how it works, you buy things...THEN you pay for them...

Remember DONKEY GEORGE for Mayor...heehaw heehaw...

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My oh my what is this


This is not a negative comment but wouldnt it make sense to make sure the natual gas were running thru a 5 million dollar power plant be refined so as to not cause problems? No offence but those engines seem a tad more complex than your cloths dryer at home. Further I dont know the size of the line that feed the power plant but I assume is has to be a lot larger than 3/4 of an inch.

Also I dont know where 15 million figure came from that seems very high to drill a well.

My point is that its not as easy as punching a hole in the ground and out pops the gas ready to burn in our engines.

Just some thoughts.

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Looks like there's some truth to the rumor...

I think oliphant is KH he writes better than me.....

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My oh my what is this


Well now that you have put former mayor together with KH I see where you are going with this. No I am not a former mayor of this town, and yes I am very much a female.
But I am certainly a person that does not want an individual that is incredibly deceptive about his business dealings as well as financial affairs running this city into the ground.

Personal annimosity aside a "GM" at the helm would be disasterous for this community.

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My oh my what is this

Ahhh...well no homosexual crisis here since I am female.

I do apologize the owners name is lorenzen not Lawrenz my error. I in no way said I knew these people. I just know the story of what happened.

Natural Gas actually is refined thank you very much read the following link as a source please.

And Nancy...poor nancy...reduced to counting syntax errors....I expected so much more from you....Have you translated the Latin yet? You will love it.

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Mayor candidate: Gary Walbridge

Wow...4 years ago this guy had a "passion" for leading our city? Look it up he is quoted as saying this....Can ya feel the passion? The enthusiasm.......snooze....

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My oh my what is this

Bow-wow and PZ

Yes your right folks I will cease on the name calling....can I keep "Donkey George" though cause its kinda got a ring to it.
But I have to refrain from being apologetic. Nope that will never happen.
Now on the conserve versus conservation...he is saying that people over 60 dont know how to conserve correct? Thats the way I read it. I wonder how people growing up in the depression and have "conserved" for a lifetime feel about this stereotype of a statement that "DG" has thrown out there.
Also love the part in his responses about the natural gas being under the powerplant. Apparently unbeknownst to us, between washing his jock strap and shining his dumb bells "DG" became not only a geologist but something of a petro-chemical engineer.
Drill a well.....ok...does he realize it still has to go thru a refining process.

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My oh my what is this

Just a quick side note after reading Donkey Georges answers to the Singals questions. He says that most people over 60 dont know what conservation is? George if you are reading this you are dumber than previously thought. Environmentalism and conservation efforts date back to the 1930's not to mention those started by those of us that are teens of the 1960s and are NOW OVER 60. You sir...are an idiot and you just managed to insult everyone in this community over 60...bravo George well played..

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My oh my what is this


Seems harmless enough? Just out of curiousity when you purchase a house and you just decide to stop making payments...what happens? A typical contract for deed has recourse IE losing the property to foreclosure and other legal remedies.

Let me put this in more simple terms "party M' enters into a contract...defaults..and you think thats harmless?

"Party M" takes an oath of office...a contract with every citizen in the City of Baldwin in 2001. By the end of 2002 he has bailed out and DESERTED his word, his honor, and his commitment to this city. Any harm in that?

But lets keep moving down the list of "Party M' little issues with contracts. I noticed on Donkey George little website he wants everyone to come in ask him about anything....

Ask him about his "contractual obligation" to his old employer Orthotech. The part about signing a non compete clause and violating that which led to the Donkey being sued by his former employer....any harm in that?

But hey if this is your kinda guy then "Donkey George for Mayor"!!!!

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