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Larry Francq, adjutant with the Baldwin City American Legion Post 228, remembers his father and Worl

State Benefits and Programs Offers a - "Operation Recognition"
The State of Kansas sponsors "Operation Recognition" to honor World War II and Korean era veterans who left school to join the military and never received a high school diploma.

You may or may not know
If a relative served in WWII you can register them which goes into the Washington archives

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Festival of Lights 2013

Looks CccooLllDddd-ah! Happy Holidays

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School board approves Merle Venable Complex

From observing other schools around the country I don’t see many carrying on the Name of a teacher.But I have seen names of deceased – Veterans – or historical local people – Consider naming some your building after - deceased Veterans , or Police officers , just my opinion !

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Merle Venable Sports Complex has a certain ring to it

I think its appropriate name – and Honor -- for the new building -
Merle is well know and it will breed a solid tradition of football players for generations!

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Neighbors: Archer Carlson

I see your already on the memorial wall -- I should have checked first-- good Thing -

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Neighbors: Archer Carlson

You may know or may not Know already , but if you served in WWII
They have the Web site
you can send in your registration
And your name will be entered on the Wall in DC,

Take care Arch, FWestgate

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Former Baldwin City woman sentenced for child exploitation

lock her up throw the key away / God have Mercy

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Gifts of faith

God Bless / wish I could say I was so strong . A cheerful heart is good medicine. Proverbs 17:22a 

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Venable inspires BHS Class of 2008

I went to Baldwin high in the mid 70's I liked school but, I couldn't
think past my own wild ideas. I decided to quit one day during my sophomore year.
Realistically that was sad day for me and I was to proud to turn around. I joined
the Military and Graduated from a Catholic correspondence school in Hawaii, still
made by the year I was suppose Graduate 1980.
As time pasted I fail at a lot things, more than I need to say, and often I still
wished I would walked a different path.
I have Honorable discharge, around 64 credits from college course's trying to find my nitch, in which I haven't found ,still no wife or kids, and working.
I know in my heart I could have done better, I guess it was some of that fear Mr. Venable talks about that kept me from just turning my life around in the earlier years.
Well I managed by know to stay out trouble, for a long time, live day to day, keep my bills paid, and do ok.
But a good positive memory that will always be stuck in my head were the few years at Baldwin High and Mr. Venable a hard nosed football couch whom once or twice I got the board smacked on my butt pretty good, good enough to sting, and turn my face red.
Can't do that any more and these days kids are way worse than we were.
My hats off to Mr. Venable its been long time, your looking good, Sir.

God Bless _______

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