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Annual bird count shows declines

Do our stressed out and declining bird populations a favor and do away with feeders.

The woodpecker, that most interesting bird of many stripes and color is doomed. The hawks kill them with ease and they are such easy prey. The last woodpecker I heard last year was silenced as I witnessed a large hawk carrying off his victim. I have not heard or seen one since.

Feeders are killing fields, if you truly care for these creatures DO NOT FEED THEM. Maybe 5 years ago in my granddaughters back yard, we witnessed a hawk just sitting in the peach tree where feeders were placed, and while going outside we saw that hawk just crushing the chickadees as they flew to the feeder. It was like popcorn, those birds totally unaware of the danger.

PLEASE remove feeders, audubon has been disgraceful in this regard. They obviously use businesses selling seed and feeders to make money, but the numbers of birds killed at feeders is catastrophic for population survival.

January 25, 2009 at 1:45 a.m. ( | suggest removal )