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Shoemaker ends wrestling career as state champ

Great job, Brett. What a great way to end your high school career.

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If you are placing your trash on the curbside, that is not your property, it is city easement. The Supreme Court has ruled that property set on the curb has no expectation of privacy. Thus no search warrant needed if a cop wants to go through it. No law broken if anyone wants to go through it.

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Baldwin High RWDC team finished third at nationals

Congratulations on a GREAT job WELL done.

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It's a statute (K.S.A. 21-2755), not a statue (a crafted figure made of concrete,marble, etc...)

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Maybe instead of addressing the problem in a blown-out-of-proportion post in the paper, you should address the problem of the dog with the proper library staff personnel. If you don't get satisfaction there attend a board meeting. I see you are quoting what the lady said about the dog, but you were not there.

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