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Mediacom has done it again !

If there is ANY chance that you can get Centurylink... DO IT!
I have had them for 5 years and have never had a problem!


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I said from the beginning that I wasn't present at the time the event occurred, however you weren't there either, and we both know it!
My wife and I are both anxiously awaiting a physical description of of her.

It seems to me that you like to stick your nose where it doesn't belong. It's also apparent that hiding behind the moniker "attorney" and using legal-speak has intimidated people on this forum in the past. It's easy for you to come on here and publicly lambaste me, call me a liar, and threaten me with litigation, but I don't buy your shtick for a second! As for "tracking my ip address straight to my front door" ... C'mon on over and knock on that door my friend!

As for the sane individuals:
I have taken the level headed comments to heart and will admit that I shouldn't have publicly come down so hard on the lady. I edited my original post, and appreciate the constructive comments that were made.

I agree that nothing else needs to be said on this matter (unless 1776attorney shows up on my doorstep) HA HA HA HA!

Happy Easter!

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Thank you Goldie, I appreciate your feedback!

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Oh c’mon, REALLY!? What relevance does the gender of the antagonist play in this conversation? You are simply arguing for the sake of arguing! Male, female or hermaphrodite, it makes no difference to me.
You are drawing all sorts of assumptions that have no bearing on this conversation! Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy it when people make asses of themselves in print! It makes my point for me!
Your post is comical, and I have said it before, your uneducated, misspelled, presumptive post means nothing to me! I don’t care if Ronald McF@cking Donald is on the God-D@mned board… dogs do not belong n the library! If you feel differently then I will bring my two 80+ pitbulls into the building for a little “play-date” and see how that turns out!
*Happy zombie Jesus day!

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Exactly my point, thank you.

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HA HA HA, you make me laugh Mr. Lawyer-man! While quoting the Marines Code of Ethics and Conduct, you forgot “Marines take care of their own”!
In today’s litigious society do you REALLY want to threaten me in a public forum with a lawsuit? I called the library on my office phone (recorded line) and spoke with the owner of the dog. In HER WORDS she said (and I am quoting) “I was surprised my dog snapped and your baby, and I have been sick about it ever since”!
At the end of the day the dog is not supposed to be in the public library, PERIOD!
But then again I think we all know what they say about arguing on the internet!

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Formerfarmer- Your presumptions mean nothing to me, but perhaps you should re-read my comments. I called her directly, and explained that her dog had no place in a public library. My reason for posting here was twofold.
1. To inform the public that there is the possibility of encountering potentially aggressive, and dangerous dog INSIDE the public library!
2. To make sure that the lady that promised to never again bring her dog to the library follows through with her promise!
This isn’t about anything more than placing the safety and wellbeing of our children over that of an animal!

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I just signed up for service and was told "20mb/s down and 2 up!

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School board forum answers: Tony Wedel

I like Tony!!

"After all, less than one percent of children will become a professional athlete, but 100% of them will need an education."

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School board forum answers: Slade Dillon

I like this guy.... he actually uses his BRAIN!

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