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Debunking 'Baker vote' myth

Thank you all for proving my point. Now I know you will think of whatever you will to turn me into something I'm not, but I respect every one of you, and if we really want to deal with anything publicly (ESPECIALLY politically), we should not remain anonymous when we make our statements. What are you afraid of? I know people will disagree; disagreement is extremely natural and healthy. But, it does not excuse slander and immaturity.

I would encourage every blogger who would like to make a real, positive influence on his or her community to refrain from anonymous posting. How can anything be productive this way? I guess it makes sense, though. Society fed into it like Zebra Muscles in the Great Lakes (thank you, Dr. Miller). It's the perfect place to attack people without risking ANY judgment. It's a shame, because we're all the same. Just people, and we have become a people who truly have been taught to believe that they are literally BETTER for some reason. No one chose birth! Come on, now!

Toodles! Good luck with everything, bloggers! I can't be a part of this because I hate being a part of something that encourages disrespect. If anyone wants to discuss things respectfully and openly please e-mail!! I love learning new things and meeting new people in Baldwin.

"Unless there is within us that which is above us, we shall soon yield to that which is about us."
-Peter Taylor Forsyth

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Debunking 'Baker vote' myth

I'm not going to start the tendency for these things to turn into endless bickering, but the people I'm talking about know who they are--naming names is (1) not my place, and (2) only creates defensive attitudes and conflict.

You're correct when you say that no one was turned away at the polls, but I would like to also point out that Bruce never referenced anyone being physically "turned away." There were, however, as he said, numerous ballots that DID NOT GET COUNTED. Placing the blame for WHY the votes did not get counted is unnecessary. The lesson to be learned is that voter registration should include personal, one-on-one interaction between the voter and the registration assistant. This way, the voter can be well informed about registration, how to check to see whether he or she is in fact registered (and WHERE), and also what the physical voting process will entail. Then we won't have these discrepancies!

For future reference to Baker students: do not trust provisional ballots. Get registered early, so that next time we vote, those 100 provisional ballots won't exist at all, therefore preventing the opportunity for them to be disregarded and completely UNCOUNTED.

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Debunking 'Baker vote' myth

This town is SO funny. The dynamics of Baldwin City drama are too much for someone who hasn't grown up here. What does that tell you about how unnecessary all of the gossip and trash talk is? I wonder if any of the regular mud flingers commenting all election long have ANY conscience at all. This must be your philosophy: "As long as it gets me what I want, it's acceptable." This includes slandering another individual to ridiculous extremes, huh? I can't believe that the maturity level of most of these outspoken ADULTS is WELL below that of any Baker student I have ever met. Either that, or some of you are merely using someone else's reputation as a means of entertainment as well as a means to whatever political end you feel fit. Is this okay? Can you honestly step back, outside yourself, and look at yourself through the eyes of, say, someone you admire without being DISGUSTED with your behavior? Just a little advice--even if some of you decide to change your ways, and even if you are able to make others believe that you have changed, only YOU know whether you truly have or not, and it's what you're doing when no one is looking that proves it.

Good luck! :) No one's perfect, but we can all join in the effort of improving ourselves. The inevitable result: community improvement. Focus on yourself! Not on everyone and everything that fuels all the ridiculous drama that envelopes our great country. If you were one of the mud-flingers and you feel no shame for the things you've said for the sake of argument or out of pure boredom, you know what you need to do. Join me in the endless walk of personal improvement, self control, and unshakable confidence, harmony and happiness.

Thanks for teaching me how much I have going for me, Baldwin! There are bigger and better things out there, but I hope that one day I'll return to a Baldwin City that is no longer so dramatic and hilariously childish--and maybe one that has more than one writer for the entire newspaper. Alternative perspectives ;). Let's not allow ourselves to be blinded!

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Kiss Me Kate's

She has her hours posted and she IS open. A LOT. Saturdays are slow! Go see Aasha and have lunch!! DELICIOUS PIE and SHORTBREAD and even salads, various meats, potatoes, and tea! DELICIOUUUUUS!

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