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City council balks at sales-tax pitch from committee

I would vote yes to continue the "pool tax" if it were to be the "electrical tax" and allocated completely to the electrical plant. I would even consider the additional tax if it too were to go towards paying off the electrical plant early or other long term bond, BUT there has to be an end to the tax. That is my quality of life that needs some assistance, my costs of living here.
What about those on the fixed incomes I keep hearing about during discussions? Let us give those some assistance with the utility bills.

I may be incorrect, but I believe the taxes on alcohol already go towards the parks and quality of life projects. Someone correct me if I am wrong. Is that not how we now have the playground/park at Firetree?

I would also like to see and ending of the taxes at the time of payoff, just like the pool. That way the sales tax would go back down, or .... WE the citizens would have a CHOICE to continue the sales tax for something else deemed necessary at that time.

I will vote no to both of these sales taxes unless there is an end date of what the revenue will be spent on.

PLEASE Do not rush to judgement on this issue!! If WE the citizens do not like the plan for these taxes, vote NO and force the Council to come before us with a new and better plan. Unlike the school where they made a rush to judgemnet decision with our money. There is no price for due diligence and spending OUR money wisely.

I am not against having this consumer tax help pay for the infrastructure of Baldwin, I just want to keep the control with the Citizens and not have to trust future Councils to be good stewards of our money.

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City council wants to educate voters on sales tax election

1/2 Cent
What are the infrastructure projects that are "looming?" I would be interested in seeing this list, and when will this 1/2 Cent end? After this list of looming projects are finished or will it be perpetual?

If they want to spend it on a real infrastructure need, then put it towards paying off the electrical power plant!

Additional 1/4 Cent
I am no way in favor of this additional sales tax. I would like to keep one of the lowest (Eudora/Baldwin - 7.3) in the area.
I thought the excise liquor tax already was specifically for parks and "quality of life." I would be weary they would tag a project with quality of life to tap into that fund.

To vote yes, I will need to see a specific end date on the sales tax.

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City council opts for pair of sales tax questions

I am in favor of continuing the current sales tax but not adding an additional quarter per cent.

It is already hard enough to encourage local spending. Doesn't a lower sales tax than neighboring communities make Baldwin more appealing to shop at? This would be a good marketing point to promote "Shop Baldwin"
Let us build the out of town traffic up before we raise the the tax any more.
I know if I was buying a tractor, I probably would buy in Baldwin instead of Lawrence based on sales tax.

I would consider the 1/4% increase if it would go towards the electrical fund and only the electrical fund. This way the "out-of-towners" can help keep my rates lower (or not raised as much).

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