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Have you ever been to Vinland or Marion Springs? Your "barn" inference was in fact one of most rude comments I have ever heard. Not sure where you get "untold thousands of dollars worth of improvements to bring our facility up to standard" by what Mrs. Smith said. Nobody indicates inequities or facility issues when they want to use our popular gym. That one room in itself would be a shame if it was not available for community or school use.

If you want the district to homogenize everyone's needs further by allowing everyone to have exactly the same thing and that never mind that teaching and enriching our children should be #1. It seems as though pandering to our special interest groups differs than pandering to other interest groups? How does that work...don't do as I do but do as I say? If your community and academic haven was constantly under attack and being consumed by petitions to close your school because of inequities, based on incomplete and at best, guesstimates, in the FFC report, the "bottom line" and "your coming here anyway" mentality is not the case for educating all children. ALL STUDENTS need the best opportunity to learn and that does not always follow the "vast majority".

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