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Safe-room grant may sweeten bond issue

The Dow mean nothing look at job reports, interests rates, productivity rates. The dow in a fuction of equity that Americans have, although it does affect consumer spending it is not an exact barometer of our economy. It goes up and down on short term beliefs of earnings, in the long run everyone makes money. However, in the long run everyone dies too!

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Question for someone to answer:

When do we have to start paying increased property taxes for this bond?

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Letters to the Editor

Yeah we call them liberals

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Hill asks council for economic development help

What do we need a new animal contro vehicle for? Another waste of Money......
Stupid city...

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Letter to the Editor

Cost is relative. Not to time, but to the demand of money. Tell me how many more thousands of $$$ this bond will cost if we wait ONE year.

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Our Future

The economy will not be turned around by next year. We will be luckly if we hit bottom by Christmas. The bill passed by congress and signed by the president is a stop gap measure. 700b is a drop in the bucket. There are between to 3-7 trillion in possible toxic mortgages, and that 700b might free up 1.75 trillion of that. So there is a lot still up in the air.

Right now push the bond back by one year. You are not going to see an increase of interest rates of more than .5% by this time next year.

We are still losing jobs, so the fed will cut rates again this month, and the fed will only increase rates ONCE per quarter. So if the economy IS GREAT by 2009,
(which it will not be) the fed will increase rates in April, July, October. = a total of .5% above where we are now!

So save your money, help get the economy back on track, then the bond issues untill then. BSE will still stand.

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Letter to the Editor

Bloggerboo- your statements sounds just like Nancy Boyda...they are run by emotion and not by an understanding of public policy.

I agree with you that the schools need upgrade. I happen to have seen BES, BJHS and BHS from the inside for many years, any you are right that we will never get anything as cheap as it is now. So should we buy, buy, buy?

The last time that people were given this decision. Interest rates were low, and houses were cheap, look where that go us. Now I am not saying that Gov't spending and consumer spending are the same. However, we must be responsible with our tax dollars, and funding a bond issues is not responsible.

For Liberals- you increase gov't spending in a recession, but you dont increase taxes.
For Conservatives- you decrease taxes, but you do not dcrease govt spending.

Decreaseing goverment spending never happens and never will. However any economist will aggree that increasesing taxes will further retard your economic growth and durning a recession and that is bad. And truthfully your tax increase is going to be more around $25 a month or $300 a year.

Hear is what I say. Say no to the bond issue this year. Say yes next year.

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Letter to the Editor

bloggerboo, clearly you dont get it. Maybe you skipped your Macro and a few Micro Econ classes in college. When people cut back let say $20 a month and there are 6713 in the USD 348 school district that =$134260 reduction in discretional spending a month

or =$1,611,120 a year
or=$32,222,400 over twenty years.

Now continuing with an understanding of economics you have the multiplier affect which say if I spend less money, then you sell less product, which means companies make less product so they lay off workers, this cycle continues until the interest rates drop and companies find more capital investments more profitable.

So do the math your 134260 for the USD348 district can easily double or more (because of the multiplier effect) depending on how stressful the economic conditions are.

***News Flash*** economic conditions are BAD. You may have an extra $20 laying around but a lot of people dont, so they have to take that $20 from buying X-mass presents or new clothes, or a cool new thing for their kids, which hurts the economy. (I could go on all day about what this means for you but I think you get it if not I will hold a lesson on economics)

Yes we have to look to the future, and when this economic downturn is over then lets have a bond issue, but not this year and not right now.

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Da Bash

Tom Holland, Tony Brown?

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Protester takes stand in manhole

Speaking about Quick Shop are they ever going to fix their parking lot...

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